Paolo Banchero: Orlando Magic’s new offensive engine

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Shot distribution

Duke empowered Paolo Banchero to create from the perimeter and mid-post as well as a decision-maker on the short-roll. This varied usage paired with his gifted ball-handling and self-creation, ambidextrousness and diverse shot diet resulted in an exceptionally balanced shot chart.

He took a little more than a quarter of his shot attempts (25.3-percent) from three. He took 22.9-percent of his shos from the mid-range and 51.8-percent of his shots in the paint — including 25.1-percent of those at the rim).

From deep, Banchero liked to shoot above the break, with 39-percent of his 3-point attempts coming from the top of the key.

This level of distributive scoring balance is nearly unachievable and wholly unique to Banchero at the top of this class.

At the next level, this skill is a crucial separator for those who succeed in a playoff/end-of-shot-clock setting where teams hope to shut off the faucet.

Frankly, Banchero does not have a single spot to shut off. Most players have counters, but everywhere is his go-to.

His shooting efficiency must continue to improve. His mechanics are typically pretty to watch, but he does have a bit of a mechanical breakdown when he is shooting longer threes. He looks mildly uncomfortable from beyond 25 feet.

Correcting this and instilling confidence will be a focal point for Orlando’s player development team because with an improved shooting output Banchero’s ceiling is astronomical.