Orlando Magic Daily 2022 NBA Mock Draft 3.0: The final countdown

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Jamahl Mosley, Orlando Magic
Jamahl Mosley and the Orlando Magic have the number one pick. Nobody knows yet what they will do with it. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports /

Well, we are finally here.

The handwringing of a month of waiting in one of the most unique draft choices the league has seen in some time is drawing to an end.

The Orlando Magic have been on the clock for all that time and they seem nearly finished with their pre-draft preparations. This week will not be about interviewing or visiting the prospects. This week is about drilling down on the team’s needs, the opportunities they have in front of them and preparing the information they will need on draft night to make their final decision.

It is indeed crunch time. And all the debates and questions everyone has about what the Magic will do will be answered shortly.

The debate at the top is far from simple. The consensus top three in this draft all have plenty working for and against them. For every good reason someone comes up with to draft any of these three players, it is easy to poke a hole and find a reason not to go with them. Or go with someone else.

What should be clear is that there is a good reason to pick any of the three top players. The Magic have to go through their process and ultimately make the right decision for them.

The NBA Draft is here. The Orlando Magic are on the clock. It is time for one final deep dive into the draft as a whole as we wait for the real thing.

The betting odds are that Orlando has narrowed things down to Jabari Smith and Chet Holmgren. It is increasingly looking less likely the Magic take Paolo Banchero.

But it is decision time now. The Magic are on the clock and it is ticking ever closer to zero. Orlando will have to make its bed and lie in it.

With the first pick, they have every option ahead of them and control their own destiny. It is time for a deeper dive into the draft order and what may happen.

In this final edition of our mock draft, we are going to make our official pick for the Magic, address team needs and pinpoint potential deals the Magic could make to move around in this draft.

As always, it is anybody’s guess what the Magic or any team will do. But this should give a picture of how things might play out Thursday while also giving a good summary of the prospects in this draft one final time.