Jamahl Mosley lays out his goals for the Orlando Magic on The Jump

Jamahl Mosley began his tenure as Orlando Magic coach speaking about the atmosphere and culture he wants to build. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
Jamahl Mosley began his tenure as Orlando Magic coach speaking about the atmosphere and culture he wants to build. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports /

The Orlando Magic begin training camp in less than two weeks.

It is hard to believe the offseason has come and gone so quickly. And soon the things that feel theoretical will become reality.

We will soon see Jalen Suggs make his regular-season debut. We will soon see how sophomore players like Cole Anthony, R.J. Hampton and Chuma Okeke have developed in their first offseason. We will soon know where Jonathan Isaac and Markelle Fultz are in their recoveries from torn ACLs.

The biggest thing we do not know right now is what to expect from coach Jamahl Mosley.

Orlando Magic coach Jamahl Mosley is one of the bigger mysteries for the team this year. As the group begins to build and develop, Mosley is putting his goals on work and togetherness to start.

Mosley is taking over the team in his first head coaching job. Not only that, he is taking of a team that is a wholly unmolded piece of clay.

In other words, Mosley will get a chance to form the team in his image, laying the foundation for the team at the ground level and they develop and improve.

What that looks like has only been a measure of conjecture for this team so far. Summer League provided some hint of the way the Magic are going to play and how they want to operate.

Outside of the Magic, nobody is expecting the team to do very much. They have been predicted to finish last in the Eastern Conference by several outlets. And Mosley continues to be careful not to put winning or record expectations on the team.

So what are the expectations for the Magic this season then? What are Mosley’s goals for the team?

Mosley was on ESPN’s The Jump on Tuesday and spoke a bit about what he hopes to see from his team in his first year:

"“Doing the work every single day,” Mosley said during his interview with ESPN. I think the results will take care of themselves. I know we’re talking about this goal or that goal. But everyone is going to start off by doing the work. That’s all we can ask for every single day. Doing the work and the results will take care of themselves. That’s got to be the key for us every single day. Guys lifting each other and making the person next to them better and doing the work every single day.”"

Mosley added too he is encouraged by how his young roster lifts each other up. He said they are connected and want to see each other succeed. Magic fans have already seen how the team has become close and cheers each other on through social media and elsewhere.

That is definitely a good place to start. While off-court chemistry does not always lead to on-court chemistry, it cannot hurt. Especially as everyone starts to do the work together.

And everyone remembers that one of the issues the Magic had during their initial rebuild after trading Dwight Howard was having too many young stars competing for attention and their next contracts. The group never came together as a team.

What is key though is the team puts in that work and begins to build. This is not a season that will get measured in wins and losses.

Mosley has already established some of his buzz words, but he wants his team to be all about the work. The question will be whether Mosley is shepherding the team in the right direction and pointing that work in the right direction for each individual’s and the team’s development.

This remains one of the bigger mysteries for the Magic this coming season. Mosley has no record to build on. So just like his team, he is a blank slate.

Still, Mosley figures to be vital to this team’s potential success. He has to create a system that players can buy into and grow. He needs to establish some benchmark for success and lay the groundwork for when winning becomes the important measure of progress.

This is not a season to throw away. And so everyone will be watching Mosley this year and the work he puts in to start this rebuild.

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His goal this year appears to be centered on hard work and development. That will be the place for this rebuild to start.