3 Orlando Magic players Jamahl Mosley can offer a second chance

Entering a contract year, Mohamed Bamba needs to prove he belongs in the Orlando Magic's future plans. (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)
Entering a contract year, Mohamed Bamba needs to prove he belongs in the Orlando Magic's future plans. (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images) /
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Jamahl Mosley, Dallas Mavericks
The Orlando Magic are getting set to hire Jamahl Mosley as their next head coach. Mandatory Credit: Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports /

The Orlando Magic are still getting to know their new coach in Jamahl Mosley. It is not even likely he has set up his office fully yet. There is simply too much for him to do at this point.

The Magic are still bringing in prospects to work out and reviewing information when it comes to the draft — catching their new coach up to get his input on their final draft preparations.

Mosley’s biggest task is to find and hire an assistant coaching staff to support his message and methods and also fill in for his weaknesses. There may be no more important decision. And Mosley has to get all of this sorted out before Summer League begins in early August.

Most of his attention is likely put here.

But, as president of basketball operations Jeff Weltman said during the team’s introductory press conference, you are what you enter the league as. Mosley came to the league as a player development coach, working out players and helping them get better at an individual level.

A new coach for the Orlando Magic means a new voice and a new perspective on the team. And some players need to take advantage of this second chance as the team begins to rebuild.

For a rebuilding team like the Magic, this history is likely what put Mosley on their radar and he sold them on his ability to build up this team.

Magic fans were impressed with his introductory press conference and even more impressed after the Magic released video of Jamahl Mosley in the gym working with Mohamed Bamba.

Mosley may not be able to have daily on-court sessions with players like he did when he was an assistant coach. His responsibilities are just vastly different now. But he is going to take every moment he can with his players.

At his introductory press conference, Mosley said he wanted to make sure he had the time to get to know his players beyond a cursory “hello text.” It speaks to the kind of relationship Mosley hopes to foster.

It is indeed a new start in Orlando. It started with re-shaping the roster at the trade deadline and it will continue with the new coach.

With such a young roster, there is always some concern about starting over. Young players especially need some stability. Coaching changes can often throw things into chaos.

But young players are especially malleable too. They have not been hardened into habits or reached their potential. Final opinions of who they are in the league or what they will be are not fully formed yet.

And a new voice can often mean a new perspective and a breath of fresh air for a player.

Nikola Vucevic had plenty of coaches in his career with the Magic, but it was Steve Clifford’s arrival that unlocked the All-Star within him. Clifford was especially good at getting the most out of players to get them into playoff contention.

Although, there were certainly a few players and development projects sacrificed to do so.

As the Magic prepare to work under a new coach, there are players who will be eager to get a second chance and impress under new eyes. And Mosley will likely come to players with new ideas and concepts as the team rebuilds its roster.

This is indeed a new beginning and for several players, it will be a fresh start. Considering Orlando is starting essentially from scratch, several players will have the chance to get a fresh start and have a new coach they can buy into and gain confidence from.

These are players eager for this new chance.