5 candidates for the Orlando Magic’s latest coaching search

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Tyrone Corbin, Orlando Magic
Tyrone Corbin led the young Orlando Magic to a 3-3 record while serving as acting head coach. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports /

Tyrone Corbin

Ironically, Tyrone Corbin was one of the coaches the Orlando Magic interviewed in 2018 before hiring Steve Clifford. They ended up hiring Corbin to be Clifford’s lead assistant.

The reaction in 2018 to the potential of hiring Corbin was tepid, to say the least. He has a 119-167 record in five seasons as a head coach. He made one playoff appearance in four seasons as head coach of the Utah Jazz. Corbin never really made a mark as a head coach and his candidacy then seemed out of place.

So why would we bring him up now?

It really sounds like the Magic did not want to part with Clifford. The reason the two parted ways was more about Clifford and his goals and where he wants to be and not because of any dissatisfaction with his job.

There is absolutely something to be said then for continuity. For a young roster, especially, it is impoortant to get the same and consistent message as they grow. Too much change and too different a philosophy can halt and slow a player’s development — just ask Aaron Gordon or Wendell Carter.

If there is a pick for stability then it should be Tyrone Corbin. The players on the roster already know what he expects and it would make for a seamless transition to the next era.

Not only that, they responded well to his voice going 3-3 with him as the acting head coach when Clifford was in health and safety protocols.

Corbin would undoubtedly put his own stamp on the team and shift philosophies some. But it likely would not be that drastic and there is the chance he would retain much of the staff — continuing the development that occurred under Clifford.

That at least needs to be considered even if the team ultimately does not go in that direction.

Other Magic assistants to consider: Pat Delany, Stan Heath