3 goals for Orlando Magic as they pick up pieces of new roster

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Cade Cunningham, Oklahoma State Cowboys
Cade Cunningham has dominated the college basketball season as Oklahoma State is peaking at the right moment. Mandatory Credit: Raymond Carlin III-USA TODAY Sports /

Step 3: Hit in the Draft

The Orlando Magic have hit the reset and put some focus back on the draft. They were the only team at the trade deadline to acquire first-round picks, including a second pick in 2021 from the Chicago Bulls.

The Magic are still trying to win games, or at least they are professing to. But the reality is this team is not likely to win many more games and will remain one of the worst teams in the league and in line for a high draft pick.

Thankfully, this is a good year to be bad, as the top five draft prospects all look like they have the ability to be franchise changers. Whether it is Cade Cunningham, Jalen Green or Jonathan Kuminga, if the lottery is kind to Orlando, the team has a real opportunity to change its current trajectory swiftly.

It is not only about the top of the draft, though.

With Chicago’s pick, which is likely to fall anywhere in the 10-16 range, the Magic have an opportunity to find another Cole Anthony or Chuma Okeke this year. Maybe even a Giannis Antetokounmpo or Kawhi Leonard, who were both drafted at 15, if the team is lucky.

The 2023 Chicago pick, the 2025 Denver pick, and the two Boston second-round picks will be integral to the rebuild too. Draft picks have become a commodity and whether Orlando takes them or uses them as leverage in a future trade, there’s no better time than now to have more of them.

The future for the Orlando Magic is uncertain, but the path forward is clear.

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For this rebuild to be a success in a short period of time, and fulfill Alex Martins’ “champions by 2030” prediction, Orlando will need to get healthy, have their young players prove themselves, and draft successfully.