7 trades involving Aaron Gordon and the Orlando Magic

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Kelly Oubre, Golden State Warriors
The Orlando Magic reportedly had some interest in Kelly Oubre last season before an injury ended his year with the Phoenix Suns. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /

Golden State Warriors

How long are the Orlando Magic and the Golden State Warriors going to dance around each other? Really a lot of the deals and teams discussed here are carryovers from the offseason when the Magic passed on a lot of the offers sent their way.

That should be a sign as much as anything of how little urgency the Magic might have to deal Aaron Gordon. A lot of these same deals will be available this offseason if the team wants to pursue them then.

A lot of fans wanted the Warriors to deal the second pick and Andrew Wiggins for Nikola Vucevic. But that never had any real legs behind it, so it seemed. Their long-rumored interest in Gordon seemed a bit misplaced. But they have Draymond Green to show them the way.

To make an Aaron Gordon deal happen would cost the Warriors Draymond Green (unlikely), Andrew Wiggins ($29 million per year for the next three years) or Kelly Oubre (an expiring contract). Do any of those sound appetizing enough to move?

In a vacuum of talent-for-talent perhaps Wiggins or Oubre make sense. But in the context of how this team is growing and developing: Are they ready to commit to that long-term contract with Wiggins? Would the Magic be able to re-sign Kelly Oubre and is he truly a better option than Evan Fournier?

Those are the questions that matter more to the Magic. It has to be about the big picture and the larger puzzle.

The Warriors just do not have the young players that would sweeten the pot for the Magic. Players like Brad Wannamaker, Jordan Poole or Damion Lee may not completely move the needle for the team. Poole is interesting after a strong run in the G-League bubble, but there is not a lot to work with.

That is unless the Magic are sold on Wiggins or Oubre as their guy.

There were reports last year the Orlando Magic and Phoenix Suns discussed a Gordon-for-Oubre swap and neither team moved — see how history keeps repeating? — so maybe that interest does exist.

What Oubre provides for the Magic is a solid shooter. He is currently averaging 15.1 points per game. But he is shooting just 31.2-percent from beyond the arc. He is a career 32.6-percent shooter.

I personally do not see the interest despite his size and versatility as a more natural small forward.

Wiggins can put up points — he is averaging 17.2 points per game on a career-best 53.6-percent effective field goal percentage. But his minutes without Stephen Curry on the floor can be rough and he is still not likely a player who should be the primary offensive option. That is what he would have to be in Orlando.

This is a rumor that just will not seem to die.