Who will lead the Orlando Magic in each statistical category

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Markelle Fultz, Orlando Magic, Detroit Pistons
Markelle Fultz got his first taste of the NBA last year and shed a lot of doubts of his place with the Orlando Magic. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports /

Turnovers: Markelle Fultz

Unlike the rest, this is not a stat any of the Orlando Magic players would want to lead in. Unfortunately, it has to be someone and Markelle Fultz is the most likely option.

This is not to say he is careless with the ball. Fultz only averaged two turnovers per game last season, much less than a lot of point guards considering his big playmaking role on the team.

As his game grows, it is fair to assume that the turnover count might increase slightly. If the point guard is to be a bigger focus on offense this coming season as Markelle Fultz said he had discussed with Steve Clifford, then it is only natural that creating and scoring more also leads to giving the ball away more often.

This is a necessary risk to take for Fultz. We all want to see Fultz take on a bigger role with the team and play with plenty of confidence and aggression. If this means a slightly higher turnover average then so be it.

Evan Fournier was close to averaging the most last season with 1.9 per game, so he could instead lead the team in this category. However, given Fultz looks set to take on more responsibility and will be the team’s primary ball-handler as the starting point guard, it makes sense for him to have the most turnovers.

The Magic are not a high-turnover team. Clifford’s teams have long been known for being disciplined offensively and to avoid turnovers, limiting fast-break points in the process. Even with Fultz exploring and growing his game and his role, there is no reason to think this will change.

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Despite the team not strengthening in free agency and the front office yet to make any moves in the trade market, there is still plenty of competition on the roster. There will certainly need to be some significant improvements internally if the Magic are to make the playoffs once again, however.