3 players Orlando Magic’s Aaron Gordon should study before season begins

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Draymond Green, Golden State Warriors
Draymond Green has come to define the versatility age of the modern power forward. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

Draymond Green

Draymond Green was not a top-five first-round selection like Aaron Gordon. But he has developed into one of the best defensively gifted power forwards to ever play basketball.

Green has become the model for the modern power forward — able to initiate plays, defend every position and hit the occasional three. He gave the champion Golden State Warriors the toughness and tenacity it needed.

When Aaron Gordon entered the league, many pegged him as potentially a more athletic version of Draymond Green. He could be a potentially strong playmaker and all-defensive team player who could develop his outside shot. Many people see Gordon as less of a star and more of a do-it-all forward like Green.

Green and Gordon do not share a lot of similarities but the one similarity that jumps out is their selflessness and their willingness to be third options on their team.

Although Green has not averaged more than 14 points per game in a season for his career, he has been to three straight All-Star appearances and is a three-time world champion. He was the glue holding that team together.

Gordon needs to watch film on Green’s aggression on the defensive side of the ball and how he provides energy for his Warriors team and how that energy is a spark to the team even though he does not score consistently.

Gordon needs to do some extensive research on past and present players in the NBA.

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There are other ways to impact the game if you are not as skilled of a scorer, Gordon has to be willing to embrace those attributes in order to get his maximum potential from this team.