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Nikola Vucevic, Orlando Magic
Nikola Vucevic has taken a star turn in the Orlando Magic’s 2020 Playoff run. (Photo by Ashley Landis-Pool/Getty Images) /

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Nikola Vucevic – loyalty

Nikola Vucevic has been at the center of trade rumors for several years. It seems Orlando Magic fans have been trying to trade him from the moment the team acquired him. He just was not exactly what the team needed for the center spot. Everyone has always had wondering eyes.

The Magic have done a lot to put things in Vucevic’s way. Their notable detour to try to run Serge Ibaka, Bismack Biyombo and Nikola Vucevic seemed the surest sign that Vucevic’s departure was imminent. But they could not shake him. He kept playing and playing well, outperforming others around him.

The Magic could not shake him and Vucevic gave them no reason to do so.

Through it all, Vucevic has been quiet and never let the trade rumors or the constant discussion of his future or his place shake him. He kept doing his work and kept producing.

He had his All-Star year in 2019 and, after a short injury detour, had another solid season in 2020. On top of that, he had a stellar playoff performance. He was dominant for the Magic in the postseason, justifying so much faith in him.

Regardless of what happens with Vucevic. He has remained loyal to this team and this franchise. And even if he is not the ultimate answer to help guide the Magic to the next level, that kind of loyalty and hard work for so long with this franchise deserves appreciation. Vucevic is one of the best players ever to wear a Magic uniform and that deserves recognition.

Evan Fournier – honesty

Evan Fournier, like Nikola Vucevic, has been on this team for a long time. There is a bit of fatigue with him. And no one has seemed to draw Magic fans’ ire more than Fournier. His poor playoff performance did not help matters.

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  • The thing about Fournier is, he will be the first to tell you when he is not giving his team enough. He will be the first to say he has to do more. And he will do so publicly.

    Fournier is not one to mince words. He is honest with the media and honest in his approach to others around him. He does not apologize for how he needs to play and what he has to do to help his team win.

    This is the guy, after all, who turned in an all-tournament performance at the World Cup and then gave a random fan his bronze medal because he already had one. This guy wants to compete and wants to win. That is his focus in the end.

    Terrence Ross – the spark

    Every team needs a spark. Terrence Ross earned the nickname the Human Torch because he could give the team spark at any moment.

    He could turn things on and change the tenor of the game with his shot-making and ability to squeeze into tight spaces. He came up big in several moments throughout the 2020 season, including two surprising backdoor cuts for dunks in the Orlando Magic’s Game 1 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks.

    Ross’ chill demeanor and interactions with fans have made him a fan favorite in Orlando. But his ability to catch fire and ignite are just as much a part of what makes him special.

    Ross has the ultimate green light and some irrational confidence. Every team needs a guy like that. These kinds of players can flip a game quickly.

    And the Magic are definitely thankful for the spark.

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    And finally, thank you to all the fans and readers of this site. You all are an amazing community of passionate fans who love this team. We are truly appreciative of you all and everything you bring to the team and the experience of being an Orlando Magic fan. Happy Thanksgiving!