Orlando Magic 2020 NBA Draft Big Board 2.0: One week to go

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Tyrell Terry, Stanford Cardinal
Tyrell Terry has established himself as one of the best shooters in the 2020 NBA Draft Class. Mandatory Credit: Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports /

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Tyrell Terry PG

Stanford Cardinal Basketball
Stanford Cardinal Basketball /

Scouting Report

Tyrell Terry is probably the biggest riser in this Draft process since the league went on hiatus and closed ranks for the virus. Teams are probably valuing skill a lot more and the reports of his work ethic along with what he could do on the floor with Stanford and that has Terry rising.

Not to mention, Terry has done his work to add muscle and strength to make up for his slight frame. That has gotten him out of the second round and comfortably into the first round.

Terry is a shooter, plain and simple. He is crafty with the ball and able to finish around the basket. He keeps defenders off balance with his ability to pull up on a dime and hit from anywhere on the floor. He is not an elite escape artist with his dribble, but he knows how to create space to get his shot off.

This is the exact skill the Orlando Magic need. And despite his small size, something the Magic usually shy away from, his skill is something they likely cannot look past.


Tyrese Maxey G

Kentucky Wildcats Basketball
Kentucky Wildcats Basketball /

Scouting Report

Tyrese Maxey is another player who has risen a lot in draft conversations among people who follow the Draft. Some of it might be the reputation Kentucky has gained from the NBA Playoffs this year — Bam Adebayo, Anthony Davis, Jamal Murray and Tyler Herro all did work to sell the program.

Personally, I just do not see it. Maxey is skilled at getting into the paint and can get off his own shot. He is probably a better shooter than his stats would suggest — 29.2-percent 3-point shooting, but an 83.3-percent free throw percentage. But that low number concerns me. It takes work to shoot that poorly from the college line, at that.

Maxey will be able to get into the paint. He is good at finishing around the basket. He is a solid defender with the potential and physical attributes to continue getting better.

But Maxey does not pop off the screen to me. I have him rated lower than most.