Orlando Magic 2020 NBA Draft Big Board 2.0: One week to go

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Isaac Okoro, Auburn Tigers
Isaac Okoro has filled in as a versatile wing defender for the Auburn Tigers this year. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

On and off the board


Isaac Okoro F

Auburn Tigers Basketball
Auburn Tigers Basketball /

Most Orlando Magic fans have probably taken Isaac Okoro off their board. I will admit that I have too. I have not done a lot of prep on him simply because the Magic do not need another versatile forward that still seems like a lump of unmolded clay.

Okoro might be the best perimeter defender in the Draft. He still has a long way to go to develop offensively. But, if not for all the other picks the Magic have made since Jeff Weltman took over, the Magic would certainly be interested in him. It is just hard to find room for all these players that are so similar if the Magic were to draft him.


Devin Vassell G/F

Florida State Seminoles Basketball
Florida State Seminoles Basketball /

Scouting Report

For Orlando Magic fans, no player has gotten more attention than Devin Vassell. He seems to have everything the Magic like. He has great length for a guard and is already an adept defensive player. You have to be to play for Florida State.

The shooting is the big thing for the Magic, of course. They are in desperate need of that. And Vassell is probably the best pure shooter in this Draft (provided he did not tinker too much with his form). Vassell is probably the first player on this list that is a clear target for the team trying to move up to acquire.


Patrick Williams F

Florida State Seminoles Basketball
Florida State Seminoles Basketball /

Devin Vassell’s teammate in Patrick Williams checks a lot of the boxes the Orlando Magic like. He has good size and length, is an ace defender and knows how to play his role. But like Isaac Okoro, he is more physical potential than skill potential. And that is probably what has him lower on the Magic’s Draft board.

Williams can make all the athletic plays and defensive plays the Magic like from their forwards. Like Okoro, if the Magic did not have so many similar players, they would be taking him right here. But Williams just has a lot to figure out offensively and a lot of offensive skill he needs to build.


Obi Toppin F

Orlando Magic
Orlando Magic /

Obi Toppin has the opposite problem of his fellow versatile forwards in Isaac Okoro and Patrick Williams. He is a versatile forward who knows very much who he is and his skills. He is not a completely unmolded player. His three years in college showed his athleticism and ability to finish at the rim.

But that is why he gets docked down in my book. He is older than most of the players in this Draft and he does not have the skills necessary to be successful in the NBA as anything more than an energy guy off the bench. Someone is going to take him likely in the top-5 of this Draft, and I just do not see it.

At least that high in the Draft, Toppin is going to give a team energy and someone who can play fairly quickly. But he does not have an outside shot and his athleticism advantage from college is now gone.