Orlando Magic Daily Mailbag Volume 40: The winds of change are near

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Aaron Gordon, Orlando Magic, New York Knicks, Julius Randle
Aaron Gordon’s difficult season has put his future with the Orlando Magic in question. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports /

This is a tough one. It does feel like Aaron Gordon is the most tradeable asset on the team.

Even after a poor season, Gordon still has enough potential that somebody can talk themselves into him. He is still 25 years old and has shown flashes of brilliance. Some team could probably say that a new team and a new role could unlock whatever potential is left with the Magic.

But Orlando is in a tricky spot too.

With Jonathan Isaac out for the year, losing Aaron Gordon without getting back a power forward makes the playoffs much more difficult. A lot of the assumptions we are making comes from the belief the Magic’s main goal is to make the playoffs.

That will make trading Gordon more difficult. And it is part of the consideration.

Still, Orlando has to start thinking about its future. And if the team does not believe Gordon and Isaac pair well together, then the inevitable is going to happen and the Magic should consider moving on even if it means sacrificing the 2021 season in some way.

Orlando should still only trade Gordon if it is a package the team likes and supports the team’s future. There is no pressure for the Magic to trade Gordon now with two years left on his deal.

The odds are probably close to 50/50 that the Magic trade Gordon. He is simply the odd man out in the lineup and perhaps the team’s most valuable trade chip. The Magic can probably still extract the most value from Gordon and hold the ship steady otherwise.

Gordon though still has a chance to map out his future. This is a big year for him. And if he stays with the team, a big season from him will go a long way to setting up his entire future in the league.

Still, a trade is iffy. It carries risk. The Magic will have to make sure they make the right move.

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