Orlando Magic Trade Targets: Aaron Gordon Trade Scenarios

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Spencer Dinwiddie, Brooklyn Nets, Markelle Fultz, Orlando Magic
The NBA is expecting a busy trade market this offseason and the Orlando Magic need to be opportunistic looking at players like Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images) /

Brooklyn Nets: Spencer Dinwiddie and Lance Thomas

This trade is a little bit abstract. It makes some sense for the Orlando Magic, even while leaving a hole in the forward rotation. It would be tougher for the Brooklyn Nets to justify.

Brooklyn is in an odd position.

Their roster is situated around two max-level All-NBA players in Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving and they have a first-year head coach joining next season. It will already be difficult enough for the franchise to find their footing without an additional shakeup to the roster.

With Durant and Irving’s return to the lineup, the Nets should contend in the Eastern Conference. They have decent depth to back up their two stars, namely Caris LeVert and Spencer Dinwiddie.

LeVert has shown flashes of All-Star potential, but he has been sidelined by constant injuries throughout his career.

A true LeVert emergence leaves Dinwiddie in a position where he is both valuable to the franchise and expendable if they decide to attempt a roster upgrade.

Why would the Nets be interested in Gordon? His versatility would afford them the choice to field a more flexible roster. Slot Gordon at power forward and Durant at center around three guards for a modern feel. Or leave Gordon at his natural power forward position alongside Durant and Jarrett Allen for a super-big look.

The Magic could certainly use Dinwiddie’s talents as well. Even with Marketlle Fultz’s emergence this season, Orlando would benefit from a combo guard that can create shots for himself and his teammates.

Dinwiddie has had stretches during the last few seasons that would suggest an offensive breakout is possible in an expanded role.

The Nets would have to include Lance Thomas so that the trade appeases the Collective Bargaining Agreement’s bylaws, and so the Magic can add another forward to the roster.

Brooklyn might request a draft pick as compensation for releasing the affordable Dinwiddie. Orlando could counter that he’s two-plus years older than Gordon.

Ultimately, Clifford and the Magic would have a hard time winning consistently with Lance Thomas, Al-Farouq Aminu, Chuma Okeke and Wesley Iwundu responsible for 48 minutes at small forward. That’s too important a position in today’s NBA for a team to survive without a legitimate offensive threat.