Orlando Magic’s offense still the team’s biggest problem

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Evan Fournier, Orlando Magic
The Orlando Magic have thrived this season with a day of rest in between games. Experience they will need to draw on when the season resumes. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Offensive Rating

2020 NBA Median 2019 NBA Median
Full Season 107.9 110.4 108.2 110.0
Pre-All-Star Break 105.5 110.4 106.7 109.6
Post-All-Star Break 115.1 110.9 112.1 110.8
NBA Campus 111.7 110.9
Playoffs 101.9 108.9 95.8 109.3

The Orlando Magic’s offense is the biggest trouble spot for the team. Everyone recognizes this is the team’s biggest weakness. They finished this season 23rd in offensive rating. The Magic have not finished in the top half of the league in offensive rating since Dwight Howard was at center eight years ago.

Figuring out how to build a working offense has been a struggle for the team. And, as we will see when we get into some of the shooting numbers, it all goes back to being able to hit from the outside. The Magic do not have any dominant scorers or enough shooting to spread the floor.

The Magic may have built at least a decent defense, but coach Steve Clifford is right too that the only way the team can take a step forward is to be in the top half of the league offensively.

To his credit, and to this team’s credit, they seem to figure something out around the All-Star Break.

The Magic’s offense took off once again this year after the All-Star Break, posting a 115.1 offensive rating after the break this year.

There were several reasons for this — a commitment to playing faster, better shooting and the normal increase in scoring that comes at the end of the season. The Magic found their rhythm and played with a hint of desperation.

The Magic struggled to carry over their strong offense from the end of the 2019 season into 2020. And it took them nearly the entire season to figure things out for 2020. Maybe those lessons will help them when next season starts.

There is a good offensive team in there for the Magic. But so far, they have not shown they can do it for more than that post-All-Star-Break stretch.