Orlando Magic Daily Mock Draft 2.0: Let’s get to business

James Wiseman once was considered the top prospect in the Draft. Now he is among a questionable draft class.(Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)
James Wiseman once was considered the top prospect in the Draft. Now he is among a questionable draft class.(Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images) /
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Isaac Okoro, Auburn Tigers
Isaac Okoro has filled in as a versatile wing defender for the Auburn Tigers this year. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

The Next Tier

The top picks in the draft are the top picks. And the teams near the top will have big decisions to make as they look to add to their rosters. Teams at the top seem to have a lot of decisions to weigh. But teams in this next tier are probably more likely actually to use their pick and less interested in trading.

The next tier of players features a solid group. But ones that the Magic are not likely to be making moves for with a few exceptions.

Orlando is likely looking to move up a few spots. But it might be harder to get to these spots or find players they want at this tier of the draft.

156. . F. Cleveland Cavaliers. Isaac Okoro. 5. player

Isaac Okoro took over the do-everything role that Chuma Okeke left behind with Auburn last year and was pretty successful at it. The freshman averaged 12.9 points and 4.4 rebounds per game. He is still an upside play. But his sub-30-percent shooting probably makes him not an option for the Magic as a trade-up target.

. G/F. Atlanta Hawks. Devin Vassell. 6. player. 125

Devin Vassell probably tops the list of players Orlando Magic fans want. He has also probably been the biggest beneficiary of the pandemic hiatus. The thought of picking what feels like a relatively safe player who can contribute something immediately and played for a strong, defensive-minded coach at Florida State is tantalizing.

The Atlanta Hawks already have a ton of shooting. But that is kind of their thing right now. They have collected a lot of good shooters to spread the floor around Trae Young. Now with a veteran center in Clint Capela to rim run and protect the paint, the Hawks hope they are closer to getting over the hump.

Vassell would help with that because he seemingly can slide in quickly and play a role as a 3-and-D shooter — whether off the bench or as a starter. Atlanta is a possible trade candidate though because if they are serious about the playoffs, they need to add veterans to give the young team some winning gravitas.

Detroit Pistons. Killian Hayes. 7. player. 64. . PG

Point guard is undoubtedly a need for the Orlando Magic in this draft. They have Markelle Fultz but both Michael Carter-Williams and D.J. Augustin will be free agents this offseason. The team is probably looking to bolster its backcourt depth. Still, they want to be careful about drafting a point guard because Fultz is still someone they are invested in.

Killian Hayes, born in Florida, but playing in France, is probably the best pure point guard prospect in this draft. He is a gifted scorer and attacker and willing to attack opponents defensively. He just has questions as a 3-point shooter.

The seventh pick is about the range the Magic should probably be looking to make a trade into things. But the Detroit Pistons are so depleted of talent, that they need this pick no matter who it is. It is still not clear what they believe they can do but Blake Griffin might be well on the table. Getting Hayes as a start to a new era would be pretty solid.

player. 27. . PG. New York Knicks. Tyrese Haliburton. 8

The New York Knicks under Tom Thibodeau are likely to focus on defensive players to bolster their team. They already have their cavalcade of wings and post players. Although who knows what the Knicks actually want to do. This franchise is hard to predict.

But they have a need at point guard. And the 6-foot-5 Tyrese Haliburton would fit this bill perfectly. He averaged 15.2 points and 4.9 assists per game while shooting better than 40 percent from beyond the arc. He has a lot of the package that a team would want.

If the Magic are thinking of moving up this is a player they might target. But the Knicks are not a likely trading partner. The Magic really do not have pieces the Knicks would want unless they wait for Evan Fournier — whom they could sign outright anyway if he hit free agency.

Deni Avdija. 9. player. 142. . SF. Washington Wizards

The Washington Wizards have to feel they are fairly close to a playoff spot. Even with the John Wall injury and a depth-depleted roster, the Wizards were the last team to make the campus and could have made a run at a play-in game. With Bradley Beal in tow, the Magic understood how important it was to avoid this play-in series. He did not play and the Bubble Wizards were not the Wizards. Still, this team should feel it is a few pieces away. Another playmaking wing and shooter like Deni Avdija would be a steal here.