What do the Orlando Magic do with a day off at Camp NBA?

NBA players are finding plenty to do within their hotel complexes as life in the bubble continues. (Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images)
NBA players are finding plenty to do within their hotel complexes as life in the bubble continues. (Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images) /

One Orlando Magic player described life inside the Disney campus as like being at summer camp. Indeed, Camp NBA has lots of activities for the players.

The Orlando Magic have been inside the NBA’s Disney campus for a week and have conducted five days of practice. The league has settled into their new digs for the next three months as teams begin to prepare for the rest of the season.

The league and players association announced Monday only two players out of the 322 players tested who entered the campus tested positive for the coronavirus. And those players were quickly put into isolation or sent home.

The initial intake of players — everyone inside the campus setting is tested every day (a reality necessary to get the league restarted, but also a concern considering testing delays in Central Florida — a worthy debate) — appears to have worked. The league seems on target to restart its season as planned in these extraordinary circumstances.

Players and team staff are getting into the rhythm of life inside. There is definitely some difficulty being alone away from family. But work is a good distraction. And players are eager to get playing again.

Life in the NBA campus does not seem all bad. Players are making the most of it — although two players were a little overeager and broke quarantine accidentally already. It is not the ideal situation, but it does not seem as bad as it could be — despite some hiccups initially.

The Magic had their first day off since entering the campus on Wednesday. After five days of reportedly strong practices, the Magic got a chance to relax some and enjoy the amenities of the Disney campus.

Terrence Ross gave us a bit of a tour of the team room — sort of the team’s central hub where they can grab snacks and gather together near their hotel floor — and said the vibe feels like a summer camp.

Evan Fournier has compared it to living in the Olympic Village. So there is definitely something unique about living on the campus. And the league has done all it can to make life comfortable.

It is still something everyone is getting used to.

Teams have started using some of the activities laid out on the grounds to help players pass the time. They have access to the pool, lawn games and several other bigger ticket activities.

The Magic got their first chance to experience some of it on their day off Tuesday.

A group of players went to one of Disney’s golf courses, which has been made available for NBA players. That has already seemingly been something players around the league have taken advantage of.

The Magic finally got the chance to hit the links.


Michael Carter-Williams, Mohamed Bamba, Vic Law, D.J. Augustin and Aaron Gordon make quite a group for a golf outing. It is probably not the last time they will hit the links. Golf is definitely going to be a popular activity.

The other big popular activity within the Disney campus it seems is going fishing on the Seven Seas Lagoon — the lake that separates the Magic Kingdom from the Transportation Center with several hotels, including the Grand Floridian, around it.

A lot of players have taken photos of their catches throughout the league. The Magic got their shot at the lake, but not without some controversy.



There is at least some social media debate about whether Mohamed Bamba caught the fish he is holding from that post on Monday night. Gary Clark is apparently quite the fisher.

But we will let Bamba have this moment of glory.

There have been the fair share of hijinx going around too. Boston Celtics forward Vincent Poirier posted video of Tacko Fall riding a bicycle around the Gran Destino at Coronado Springs.

Bamba posted video Tuesday morning of Evan Fournier driving around the Grand Floridian on a golf cart. D.J. Augustin has also taken his turn at the helm this week. Guys are definitely looking to entertain themselves.

Ultimately, the team is doing the best it can to stay together and enjoy each other’s company. The Magic’s team room is well stocked with games for the team to play to pass the time. It seems like fighting boredom is the biggest thing.

Players are slowly developing a rhythm and a “normal” for this life. They are making the best of this situation for sure.

There is still a lot of work to do. This is not a vacation, but a business trip.

Magic director of communications Joel Glass joined the Orlando Magic Pod Squad to give the crew a look inside the Disney campus. He described what it was like to arrive at the hotel and what the day-to-day life is like for the team.

He also added that there still is not a ton of interaction between teams. Everyone is keeping to themselves — they also have sensors in their badges to remind them to stay socially distant if they come too close. But players and staff from other teams are running into each other in the campus setting.

Life in the campus setting indeed is moving forward.

Teams are getting used to their surroundings and what they have to do to finish the season. More importantly, they all seem really thrilled to be playing again and back on the court.

That seems to be the feeling among players on the Magic. And they are still exploring the surroundings they have available to them as they look for things to do in their downtime — and there is a lot of downtime after practices end.

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The Magic are back at practice Wednesday and are now just a week away from their first scrimmage.