The top 10 individual Orlando Magic season performances

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The Orlando Magic have had several star players and stellar season. Here are the top-10 individual seasons in Magic history.

As we travel closer to the possibility of basketball through the dense corona-fog, we will play again soon.

No longer confined to our posts, we can break away from streaming old seasons of competitive Survivor on Hulu. Live sports are returning soon, so like Survivor, let us have a moment where we look back to the past Orlando Magic greats.

Have we forgotten about Rony Seikaly in 1997?  What about 2004 Steve Francis? Who is number one? It has got to be Shaquille O’Neal right? But then what about Tracy McGrady and Dwight Howard?

Do we risk the wrath of still-bitter fans among us and show Grant Hill in one of these slides? What does a little doll voiced by Chris Rock have to do with Orlando’s history?

Is it coming back to you also now?

Reflection can be especially important to learn for the future.

Knowing where you have been and what you are capable of can inspire future greatness.

Who helped get us here? Why are we now the ones to win it all and not them from our past?

Let us take a walk through the top-10 individual seasons from a Magic player who made it so far but have yet to bring home the gold.

Not so fast, there are rules:

No player will be repeated. This list is not strictly stat driven as we here at Orlando Magic Daily are in the community with you, loyal fan, and although some of the dates may make you feel long in the tooth perhaps you can think of your favorite from this list when the Magic are burying threes in route to a win this postseason. How sweet it will be.

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