Orlando Magic reopen practice facility after finishing prep, tests

Nikola Vucevic was the first one back int he Amway Center as the Orlando Magic have started to reopen. (Photo by Harry Aaron/Getty Images)
Nikola Vucevic was the first one back int he Amway Center as the Orlando Magic have started to reopen. (Photo by Harry Aaron/Getty Images) /

The Orlando Magic have officially reopened their training facility, releasing video of Nikola Vucevic going through his individual workout.

At long last, the Orlando Magic’s practice facility is reopened.

The team posted a video of Nikola Vucevic going through a socially distanced, individual workout at the AdventHealth Practice Facility on Thursday morning. He was working out with one of the Magic’s player development coaches, who was wearing gloves and a mask while feeding Nikola Vucevic the ball through some light shooting drills.

It is not clear if any other players worked out in the practice facility Thursday. Nor is it clear what the results of the players’ tests were — and it is probably a good thing they remain private.

The Magic reportedly kept their practice facility closed so they could wait for the results of coronavirus tests for players. The team received permission from the Florida and Orange County Departments of Health to test asymptomatic players, assuring the team it would not be taking tests from those who need it most.

For sure, it is a good sign the Magic ultimately opened up their facility and allowed at least one player to get in some work and get back on the basketball floor.

At least what the team chose to share with the public, Vucevic’s work seemed pretty light.

He addressed fans via the team’s social media channels to remind everyone that just because some things are getting back to normal does not mean we are out of the woods with the coronavirus. He encouraged everyone to continue listening to local health guidelines.

Later in the afternoon Thursday, Vucevic also answered questions for the NBA’s Twitter account, detailing how he changed up some of his workouts during the hiatus. Players have indeed had to get creative and change their workout routines without access to a gym.


But certainly, he and the rest of the team have to be happy to be able to get back on the floor and do a little bit more traditional basketball work. These workouts might be slow as they start back up again, but they are almost certainly welcome.

According to ESPN about a dozen teams have reopened their practice facilities at this point. The league is reportedly expecting 22 of the 30 teams to reopen their training facilities by Monday.

As you can see, the workouts are still very limited. Only two players can be on the court at any one time and only four players total can be in the building. Coaches and training staff are required to wear masks and gloves while working with players. These are still individual workouts.

But these are good signs both the Magic and the league are kicking back into action. And as many people are pointing out, the Magic especially beginning to work again is a good sign if the league indeed tries to restart its season at Disney.

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Baby steps though. The Magic can now get back int the gym.