Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac asks the most important question

Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac is eager to return to the practice facility and the court. (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)
Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac is eager to return to the practice facility and the court. (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images) /

Jonathan Isaac is still working to get back from his January knee injury. He flexed that knee to ask a very important question as he waits to return.

Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac says most people ask him one question when he is out and about or interacting with fans. It is the one question most people post me whenever the prospect of resuming the season comes up.

With each passing moment and day, the season is delayed, it feels there is a greater likelihood that Jonathan Isaac will be healthy and ready to play. Although there are still questions about how the league will resume its play.

It is possible he and the other players on the Magic can get back into the AdventHealth Practice Facility on Friday. Although it is not yet clear whether the Magic will publicly announce their players have returned under the NBA’s strict guidance later this week.

Isaac though was able to flex his knee to ask his own important question this weekend.

At least some good has come from the hiatus. Isaac announced he is engaged on Instagram and Twitter on Sunday afternoon. A moment of celebration for sure for him, his teammates and his family.

A moment of celebration for the entire Magic family to be sure.

Isaac, like the rest of the Magic, is waiting for the season to start back up. And Isaac seems as eager as anyone to get started again. His rehab was somewhat put on hold because of the league’s hiatus.

Isaac has been out since Jan. 1 with a posterior lateral corner injury to his left knee. The freak injury that caused his promising season to come to an end was frustrating to be sure.

He was having a career year, averaging 12.0 points, 6.9 rebounds, 2.4 blocks and 1.6 steals per game. He was generating some buzz to make the All-Defensive Team. For the 22-year-old forward, this season felt like a strong progression for one of the most promising and exciting defensive players in the league.

The Magic certainly appear to view him as a key part of their future.

That is probably why the Magic are still being very cautious with his recovery. They need to see him play full seasons more consistently — an ankle injury marred his rookie season. But it does not seem the Magic are concerned about any long-term injuries. They seem comfortable developing him at a slower pace to ensure his health.

That has not changed Isaac’s desire to get back onto the floor. He seems as eager as fans to get back onto the court. But Isaac is also displaying the patience and waiting for the all-clear.

Everyone is eager to see Isaac back on the floor.

"“I’ve been getting that question from everybody and my answer has been the same,” Isaac told season ticketholders Thursday (courtesy OrlandoMagic.com). “If it does (work out), awesome … and if it’s doesn’t, bummer and I’ll get ready to strap it up for the next season. That’s pretty much where I am. I’m working every day with my rehab and if it lines up, if I’m 110 percent and everybody is comfortable with me playing, well then let’s do it.”"

Isaac has been able to continue his rehab in isolation. But obviously he has not been able to work on his basketball skills. He would still need to do that before getting any clearance to play again. And then ramp up toward physical play — something that does not seem to be on the horizon with the league and state’s current reopening plan.

He still seems eager to get back onto the court and into the practice facility to advance his rehab.

Isaac though has spent his off time well. He is still coordinating and delivering meals to families in need and to students who are out of school through Project Life Now and J.U.M.P. Ministries.

He, like so many members of the Magic, is giving a lot while they wait for the season to resume and to get the opportunity to play again.

That wait may not last a whole lot longer.

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The good news for Isaac and for everyone is he was able to flex that knee to ask the most important question of his life. Congratulations again to Isaac!