Orlando Magic Daily Mailbag: Nothing else really to do

Steve Clifford and the Orlando Magic are waiting like the rest of us for the league to restart. (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)
Steve Clifford and the Orlando Magic are waiting like the rest of us for the league to restart. (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images) /

The Orlando Magic are like the rest of us — waiting for the season to start back up again. It could be a while, so it is time to answer your questions.

It could be a long time before we see the Orlando Magic back on the basketball court.

The optimistic projection from the NBA is that they can get back to playing sometime in June. That would normally be when the NBA Finals are taking place. The calendar is going to shift dramatically. There will be fall out and cap ramifications too that the league will have to sort through.

It is hard to predict what the season will look like when it does resume because it is so far out in the future. There is a lot that needs to happen in the world before the NBA can consider returning — and even then, it will likely be without fans.

Thanks to the NBA and FOX Sports Florida, fans have access to relive the best games from this season to fill some of the time. There are ways to access NBA basketball outside of playing NBA 2K.

But it is obviously not the same. It is not like having live basketball or getting into the thick of the playoff race.

This is the time of year where fans are supposed to be at their peak. This was supposed to be the final sprint to the end of the year. The games feel more important — the Orlando Magic had big games scheduled against the Brooklyn Nets on Monday and next Friday — and this is supposed to be paradise.

Sure, there would have been the dark reality of facing one of the top two seeds again. But the thrill of the playoffs was proved worth it last year. It would have been another good experience for this team this year.

And certainly for fans. At this point, I think we would all prefer to be able to gather together inside the Amway Center and believe, even for a small moment, that the Magic could topple one of the titans of the East. There is nothing like that atmosphere.

The NBA still seems determined to have that feeling at some point — even if it is just through television screens rather than in-person at the arena. In what format is likely dependent on when the league gets clearance to start up again. And even then, those games might be played without fans.

It is a hard time without fans and without games right now.

But the future marches on. While the NBA world is not settled and it is not clear what the world will look like.

All the issues the Magic face specifically do not go away. Some of the formula may change and what the team can accomplish when they get back might shift slightly too. But the bigger questions remain. And there will be basketball again.

With the time to take a deep breath with the season on hiatus, it is time to reset some of those questions. It is time to open up the Orlando Magic Daily Mailbag once again.

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I look forward to answering all of your questions!