Orlando Magic, DeVos Family pledge up to $2 million to support arena, hourly workers

The Orlando Magic are stepping up and providing relief to arena workers during the league's hiatus. (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)
The Orlando Magic are stepping up and providing relief to arena workers during the league's hiatus. (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) /

The Orlando Magic and DeVos family are pledging up to $2 million in a compensation fund to arena workers missing work during the league’s hiatus.

The DeVos family is pledging up to $2 million in a compensation fund for arena workers and hourly staff with the Orlando Magic and associated teams that could lose wages due to the NBA’s suspension during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Magic said in a press release that Magic players have approached the franchise to provide additional financial assistance. So far Mohamed Bamba is the only player to make a public pledge, but there are surely more.

UPDATE (4:11 P.M.): Several Magic players including Nikola Vucevic, Aaron Gordon, Markelle Fultz and Jonathan Isaac have pledge various amounts of money toward a fund for part-time employees.

They join a long list of team owners and players who have pledged to support for arena workers and support staff during this league hiatus.

"“The people behind our teams are family to us and it’s our honor to provide assistance to those adversely impacted during this trying time,” Orlando Magic chairman Dan DeVos said in a press release."

The compensation fund will be available for Orlando Magic, Amway Center, Orlando Solar Bears and Lakeland Magic workers affected by the work stoppage.

The Magic and the NBA have been shuttered for at least the next 30 days and likely longer with the Centers for Disease Control issuing guidelines limiting large public gatherings for the next eight weeks. Events at the Amway Center are likely postponed or canceled for that time too.

The Orlando Solar Bears and ECHL season was canceled on Saturday. Reports suggest the NBA is preparing to announce the cancellation of the rest of the Lakeland Magic and G-League season.

While the NBA is hoping to return to finish the 2020 season. Other leagues simply do not have the capital and money to wait things out to get back to business as usual. The help the workers who help out with the Orlando Solar Bears and Lakeland Magic is absolutely vital to those franchises and those who work for them and at games.

The Magic said about 1,800 part-time employees will be assisted and receive paychecks for missed games.

Team CEO Alex Martins said during a press conference last Thursday the team had taken care of team employees during the lockout in 2011 and would be formulating a plan to do so again through this stoppage. The Magic came through on that process with this announcement and more details of their pledge.

"“As stated last week, the DeVos Family has a history of stepping up during challenging times,” Martins said in a press release. “Today is no different. If someone is losing a paycheck because we are not playing, they will be fairly compensated.”"

Undoubtedly, this is the right thing to do. The Magic have a reputation of being a family organization and treating their employees as such (at least from the Magic employees I have talked to). This is the least they and any other organization can do.

Fans have waited for the Magic to release more details on their plan to compensate and take care of these members of their family — especially as other teams made their announcements late last week. There should have been no doubt the Magic were joining these calls.

The Magic are making sure these members of their family are taken care of.

We are all in this together to help each other until the virus abates. The Magic are doing their part with their employees.

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