Orlando Magic Daily Mailbag: The draft, free agency and the offseason

Terrence Ross has fought questions about his consistency throughout his entire career. (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)
Terrence Ross has fought questions about his consistency throughout his entire career. (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) /

The Orlando Magic’s playoff berth has faded from memory as preparation for the offseason begins. it will be a big one for the team with a lot on the line.

We are now into the meat of the NBA Finals.

The Toronto Raptors have taken control with a 2-1 series lead and have looked like the dominant team. For the first time in this five-year run, it feels like the Golden State Warriors are chasing them and trying to withstand a host of injuries that continue to plague them.

It is still a series though. There is a lot of basketball to be played. But Golden State has to win Game 4 to keep this thing going and win their third straight title — or bide time for Kevin Durant to return.

The championship is the focus of the NBA world. But the storm is brewing beyond the end of the NBA Finals. Storm clouds are gathering and free agency is coming. Already it feels like teams are gearing themselves for a busy summer.

The New Orleans Pelicans still have to deal with the trade request from Anthony Davis. With the top overall pick in tow, the Pelicans will be looking to kickstart their new era.

There are the impending free agents of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler and Klay Thompson still to come. Teams already seem to be lining up their cap space to go after the big fish. A trade Thursday between the Brooklyn Nets and Atlanta Hawks only opened up more cap room for the Nets to chase after a big-name free agent.

Already, the Magic are getting drawn into some major free agent discussions.

The team has its own free agents in Nikola Vucevic and Terrence Ross to deal with. But there are already reports the team could go after some bigger names and fish for some real impact free agents.

One thing is becoming increasingly clear, the Magic are not going to sit idly by this summer after their playoff appearance this year. Orlando wants to maintain its spot in the playoffs and continue to improve.

The Magic are already getting connected to several big-name free agents. With the uncertainty fo the Magic bringing back Nikola Vucevic, the team has to be willing to go down several different tracks to make the most of their free agency and take their next step.

All the while, they have to be prepared for the NBA Draft — with all of its player acquisitions and movement. The team will be looking to add another player to the rotation even with the 16th pick in the draft.

And internal improvement is still the best way for the Magic to take the next step.

The NBA season is not done yet, but the summer is already heating up. And it will be a big one long before Summer League in July, the FIBA World Cup in August and the opening of training camp in September.

With the offseason on its way, it seems like it is a good time to open up the mailbag and answer your questions before this thing gets started.

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