Orlando Magic Top 30: The Most Popular Snubs

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Glen Davis (2012-14)

Glen Davis burst into the Orlando Magic fan’s consciousness in a negative way.

In Game 4 of the 2009 Eastern Conference Semifinals, the Magic left him open to defend a driver and Davis buried a jumper, steamrolling a young fan sitting courtside in celebration and giving the Boston Celtics a tied series heading back home for Game 5. It is one of the memorable and disappointing Playoff losses.

A few years later, in an attempt to appease Dwight Howard, the Magic acquired Glen Davis. Nobody really knew what to think of him.

Everyone knew his reputation around the league. He was a bit eccentric, but a grinder and workhorse with a decent jumper. Starting him at power forward seemed a bit much, especially for Stan Van Gundy’s offensive system. Davis did not have 3-point range. He quickly established a presence off the bench.

But the eccentricities that ultimately doomed his career also became endearing. Especially as he became comfortable in the league. And the Magic ended up giving him a bigger opportunity than even he could imagine.

First, it started with Howard’s injury (ultimately ending his tenure with the Magic). Davis was the one who rallied the team together, quoting New Jack City to say “We all we got.”

Shirts were made and the Magic rallied to make the Playoffs still as the sixth seed. They stole Game 1 of that series against the Indiana Pacers as a scrappy team just trying to find their way without their star player.

That made Davis a legend, especially as one of the holdover veterans to begin the rebuild.

Davis averaged 15.1 points per game that first year of the rebuild. He was a gritty player that raised everyone’s game and was not going to accept losing. It is honestly something the Magic could use today.

And his turkey carving was something else. He had multiple moments like the one above where he just lapped up the camera.

As luck would have it, the day he launched his All-Star candidacy in 2013, he broke his arm and his season was virtually done. His effectiveness certainly fell off. And the Magic moved in a different direction.

Davis went from the villain that nearly spoiled the Magic’s Finals run and ran over a young fan in the front row to a hero and beloved player in many ways.

Quite the face turn.

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