The Orlando Magic’s top picks outside the top five

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The Orlando Magic have built a lot of their success at the top of the Draft. Picking 11th this year, history shows they can find value later on in the Draft

The Orlando Magic’s lottery luck has caused quite a stir through the years.

First there was Shaquille O’Neal, taken No. 1 overall in 1992. Then came Chris Webber, the top pick in 1993, who the Magic swapped for Anfernee Hardaway on draft night. And then there was Dwight Howard, who Orlando took with the first overall pick in 2004.

All three players had a huge impact on the franchise, leading the Magic to NBA Finals in 1995 and 2009 respectively.

Other top-five picks, like Dennis Scott (fourth overall pick, 1990) and Mike Miller (taken fifth overall, 2000), made major contributions to the Magic and the NBA, while fans will be hoping more recent selections, like Victor Oladipo (second overall, 2013) and Aaron Gordon (fourth in 2014), will achieve even greater things.

But Orlando has not always had a lot of luck when selecting outside the top five.

Remember Reece Gaines? What about Steven Hunter? Or Michael Doleac? No, me neither.

And unfortunately a large number of the Magic’s picks made outside the top five have been similarly forgettable.

There have been some good ones though, even if you can count them on one hand. And with the Magic choosing 11th, now seems as good a time as any to take a look back at the best.

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