Orlando Magic Grades: Orlando Magic 119, Memphis Grizzlies 107


The Orlando Magic got another good performance from Nikola Vucevic off the bench as the Magic were all around solid in defeating the Memphis Grizzlies.

38. 107. 211. Final. 119

The Orlando Magic took control in the second half thanks to their second unit and Nikola Vucevic once again. With the Memphis Grizzlies struggling to filed a full team it seems, depth has its value. And Vucevic tore up the Grizzlies to give the Magic the lead.

Memphis had some runs to respond. The Grizzlies are grinders and fighters after all. But they are not the same team. Zach Randolph is there, but nowhere near as effective as he once was. Matt Barnes should probably not be relied on as a scorer.

For every lull the Magic had, they had a response too. They had a run to put the lead back out and put their foot down against the Grizzlies.

That is some sort of progress it would seem. Orlando continued to play its best basketball in months, even if it is too late to mean anything for the Playoffs. The Magic continue to fight.

That may not be a solace for fans. That may not be solace for the team. But for one game, wins are wins.

A-. <p>Nikola Vucevic continues his tear coming off the bench with his jumper working and his taking advantage of probably weaker competition.</p><p>Vucevic scored 25 points and hit 10 of 19 shots for the game. He was really good and helped the Magic take the lead early in the second quarter for good. The Grizzlies were not going to stop him and he worked well. His set shot was about all he could work on with his groin injury for 2-3 weeks. That work was apparent.</p><p>What was great about this game was Vucevic’s rebounding finally picked back up. He had 10 rebounds including four offensive rebounds. He was in good position defensively for the most part and really looks engaged and focused on both ends right now.</p>. C. Orlando Magic. NIKOLA VUCEVIC

B+. <p><strong><a href=. SG. Orlando Magic. VICTOR OLADIPO

<p><strong><a href=. PG. Orlando Magic. ELFRID PAYTON. B

B. <p><strong><a href=. SF. Orlando Magic. EVAN FOURNIER

C+. <p>The Memphis Grizzlies are not the same team they have built and staked their reputation on. Yes, they are still physical and can still push teams around some. But they do not have the same bite behind them.</p><p>Orlando shot 47.8 percent from the floor and got 29 free throw attempts. The Magic are perhaps the worst team in the league at drawing fouls, and they got to the line with ease. Not only that, they got to the basket with ease.</p><p>Memphis obviously has limitations with its roster and all the injuries. The Grizzlies are not the same team and they cannot maintain solid play against good second units. That happened against the Magic and they could not get back into the game after that point.</p>. 41-36. 5th West. MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES