The Scott Skiles Hire: The Undermining of The “Process”

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In hiring Scott Skiles the Magic hired a mediocre coach, but even worse, they seemingly have abandoned the process that this entire rebuild was supposedly founded on.

Scott Skiles, that name brings back memories doesn’t it?

Remember the good old days when the Magic were first breaking into the league and Central Florida adorned the Magic with the same love that the newly formed Orlando City SC receives?

Alex Martins does, and he wants you to remember too.

Martins has been with the Magic since those good old days. Martins worked public relations with the Magic back when Scott Skiles was a player for the Magic and they knew each other well.

Why does any of this matter?

Alex Martins and his past relationship with Scott Skiles may have derailed the process Orlando Magic general manager Rob Hennigan envisioned when he was interviewed and carried out after he was hired.

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