Orlando Magic Player Profile: Luke Ridnour


2013-14′ Season Stats: (Averaged between Milwaukee and Charlotte)

Points: 5.0

Rebounds: 1.6

Assists: 2.9

True Shooting Percentage: .452%

PER: 9.0


  • Free Throw Shooting: For a team that has struggled at the line, getting someone like Ridnour should give them a nice boost. He’s an 86.2 percent career shooter from the charity stripe, and should help the team there, should he make it to the line at a decent rate
  • Play Making Ability: Ridnour is the “purest” point guard the Magic have had in a while, and when he is on the court, it will show. When the team introduced him, he talked about how he enjoyed pushing the pace and setting his teammates up, which should bode well for a Magic team that should be getting out in transition quite a bit.


  • Defense: Ridnour has never been known for his work on the defensive end, and that shouldn’t change much this year. He’s going to have enough help while he’s on the floor, be it from fellow guards or a big man in Kyle O’Quinn, so the team should be able to hide him for the most part.
  • Age: This isn’t a real weakness per say, but it is. He’s on the wrong side of 30, and has dealt with a few nagging injuries the last few seasons. His production really fell off last year, but with the Magic’s young talent at the guard spot, he should be able to just run the offense, something he clearly is comfortable with and still capable of doing.

Sep 29, 2014; Orlando, FL, USA; Orlando Magic guard Luke Ridnour (13) during media day at Amway Center. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

 What type of role will Luke Ridnour play this season?  

Off the court he’s going to be an important piece as a leader, that much we know. He’s going to have to take Elfrid Payton under his wing and help him become more comfortable in an NBA environment. As for on the court, it seems his role might be somewhat limited. It’s possible that coach Jacque Vaughn could go with him as the starter to open the season. In doing so, Payton would be able to become more comfortable with the NBA game, something the team did with Victor Oladipo last season.

What kind of expectations should we have for Ridnour this season? 

Overall, we should see him improve from his struggles last season. He’s the “purest” point guard on the roster, which could lead to more playing time early. However, as Elfrid Payton becomes more comfortable, Ridnour’s role could reduce dramatically. We shouldn’t expect a whole lot out of him, but when he is on the floor, expect him to be improved from last season.

How important is Ridnour to the Magic’s potential success this season? 

Not only is he important for the team this season, but he could also have a long lasting impact. The Magic appear to have their franchise point guard in Payton, and Ridnour can be a stopgap and someone who helps shorten the learning curve. His experience this season will undoubtedly help get the Magic running smoothly, and open things up for his teammates.

What does Ridnour have to do to improve on his weaknesses this season? 

At this point in his career, it might be too hard to teach an old dog new tricks. He’s going to be able to hang around the league for a few more years even if he doesn’t improve on his main weakness on the defensive end. He’s had a successful career, and this is just another step for him to continue on that path.