Magic Mailbag Mondays: Week 8


Welcome to another edition of Magic Mailbag Mondays! I answer your questions about the Magic or not. Whatever. I’m not picky. This week, we talk about Hoodie Allen, my birthday list, Jurassic Park, Guardians of the Galaxy, and my willingness to try new things, among other things. Let’s jump in!

1. Have Rob Hennigan and Jacque Vaughn given up on Victor Oladipo as a PG since they drafted Elfrid Payton?

I think that experiment was over before it started, honestly. I’ve been a believer that the team had no real intention to convert Oladipo into a point guard full-time and instead wanted to help him develop his ball-handling skills. This would help him play more effectively at the shooting guard as a secondary ball-handler. Because of this, he’ll be able to help Payton when he’s in a jam and work as an effective and capable secondary ball-handler.

2. Will any rappers name-drop the Magic in any songs in the future?

Not any time soon. They have to get back to relevancy again, unfortunately. But I like to think it’ll happen eventually. But hopefully from someone better than Hoodie Allen…

3. What are your thoughts on the Magic team shop still selling Gilbert Arenas shirseys?

I don’t know but I kiiiiiiind of want to buy one now…you know. For science. My birthday is coming up. It’s on the list.

Check it out here. It’s like a fossil. Gilbert Arenas is a dinosaur. Welcome to Jurassic Park, guys. Cue the theme music.

4. Do you think Elfrid Payton has bought a season pass to Disney World yet?

I hope so. He’ll need it when the Magic win the championship next season. What’s that sound? My alarm? Aw that dream was just getting good too…

5. What Magic player would be which member of the Guardians of the Galaxy?

I LOVE THIS QUESTION SO MUCH, GUYS. Spectacular movie too. Go see it right now. What are you still reading my article for? You already gave me a page view. Go see it.

Ok. Victor Oladipo HAS to be Star-Lord. The fearless leader. The one that brings it all together. I think Tobias Harris would be Gamora. He’s badass, deadly, and can kill you before you even know it. Kyle O’Quinn is definitely Drax The Destroyer. The muscle of the group. Elfrid Payton is totally Rocket Raccoon. He’s the point guard, so he’s smaller compared to the others, but he’s cold blooded. And…VUCEVIC. IS. GROOT.

Oh and LeBron is Thanos.

6. What’s the one thing you expect to see in growth from Vaughn this season?

I hope he gets better at managing rotations. One of the things that has frustrated me a bit with Jacque Vaughn was that he wouldn’t always play his younger guys ahead of veterans. The vets didn’t have much of a future with the team, so I found their playing time to be pretty pointless. Full disclosure, I would just tune the game out when Maxiell would play or when Arron Afflalo would play the SF. He doesn’t have that luxury this year, so I hope we can see him use the young guys in the right way and one that can benefit them and help them grow.

7. Favorite kind of sushi?

I’ve actually never had sushi. There’s a lovely sushi place close to campus in Fayetteville and even though I’ve been, I’ve only gotten fried rice. But I’ll try anything twice.

8. What’s love got to do with it?



Spoiler alert: I love karaoke

9. Is there really a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Yes. And it’s magically delicious. But you know, this reminds me of the Magic’s re-build. We’re at the rainbow. We’re searching for the end. Will there be a pot of gold? I think so. This team is doing it right so far and I have no inclination that they will fall off the rebuild wagon.

10. What are the chances that Romero Osby gets a training camp invite at the least?

0% unfortunately. But it’s not unfortunate him though, I guess. Osby recently signed in France to play in Le Mans. He even tweeted that he was learning French for the occasion. Romero, if you’re reading this, bonne chance! Je sais que tu seras magnifique à l’avenir.

That does it for this week’s Magic Mailbag Mondays! Send in your questions to me on Twitter (@zac_cleary) or the blog’s account (@PrestoInPaint) and you might see your question in next week’s edition!