Magic Mailbag Mondays: Week 7


Welcome again to Magic Mailbag Mondays! I answer your questions about the Magic or about life in general. We keep it loose here in the mailbag. This week, we talk about clay, rock bands, Lorde/Charli XCX debates, and PBR (whatever shut up I like it). With that in mind, let’s jump in!

1. How many games do you think the Magic will win next season?

It’s hard to put a number on this right now because it’s so early, but I’m really high on what the team did this season, so I’d say the Magic win 38 games. Surprise some teams like he Suns did last year.

2. Is this a “prove it” year for Jacque Vaughn or will he get another pass regardless of how the season goes?

I think he gets another year to get his feet under him before he starts a slow roast over a hot seat. His guys are still young and Rob Hennigan is still molding and shaping this team. The Magic are like clay. Hennigan molded it, but Jacque Vaughn is like the kiln. He heats up that clay and makes it something you can use as an effective decoration in your house. But if the clay cracks in the kiln, you might have to buy a new kiln, or hire a new coach in this case.

If you stayed with me through this metaphor, I commend you. That was probably a flimsy branch over a long drop. Might have lost some of you. But we all made it together.

3. If Andrew Nicholson was a ‘Trouble In Paradise” song, which would he be?

Ah. My readers and twitter followers know I’m obsessed with La Roux’s new album Trouble In Paradise. Great album. I recommend it. Anyway, I think with the additions of Aaron Gordon and Channing Frye, I’d say Let Me Down Gently. With lyrics such as “Let me in for a minute/You’re not my life but I want you in it” and “Turn me into someone good/That’s what I really need,” it’s clear that this song captures Nicholson’s playing time purgatory perfectly.

4. What’s your favorite gum flavor/brand?

I like those Icebreakers cubes of gum. Those are really good. And amazing bubble-blowing potential. You can get some good volume on it.

5. Channing Frye loves Portland and maintains his off-season home there. How do you think he will fit into Orlando as a city?

As someone that grew up around Orlando (rep Kissimmee what what), I’d say the biggest adjustment would be the weather. I’ve never been to Portland, but I don’t think they get hurricanes in the pacific northwest. Also, Frye needs to hang up his PBR, fake glasses and scarf. Orlando’s not nearly as hipster as Portland.

6. Do you think Lorde and Charli XCX are similar? #OffSeasonQuestion

I do in terms of how they look. They can look really similar. But musically, they’re kind of different. Lorde is more chill while Charli XCX has harder beats. But I love both of them. Lorde’s Pure Heroine and Charli XCX’s True Romance were both amazing albums.

7. Do you know the muffin man?

No but I know someone who might know a bit about that…

8. Boxers or briefs?


And speaking of boxers

9. If the Magic were a rock band, who would play which instrument?

Victor Oladipo would HAVE to be the lead singer. Elfrid Payton has the hair to be the guitar player. Aaron Gordon dunks hard, so he would naturally bring the thunder on the bass. Kyle O’Quinn is a bearded god, so I think he could be good on the keytar, bringing the lightning with Gordon’s thunder in a combination that will win Grammys. Channing Frye would rock the drums. His shooting stroke is as sweet as his drumming. And we all know what Luke Ridnour would play.

10. What team this year is Orlando going to beat with a Channing Frye triple-teamed fade away three at the buzzer?

The Thunder. After Tobias Harris last season, they can’t catch a break.

That does it for this week’s Magic Mailbag Mondays! Send in your questions to me on Twitter (@zac_cleary) or the blog’s account (@PrestoInPaint) and you might see your question in next week’s edition!