Magic Mailbag Mondays: Week 6


Welcome again to Magic Mailbag Mondays! I answer your questions about the Magic or not about the Magic. It’s whatever. I’m not picky. This week, we talk about Magic centers, slap fights, in-home decor in the form of an ATM, my job status and I share a couple personal anecdotes that you’re sure to love. Let’s jump in!

1. Who is the 3rd-best center in Magic history?

You know, this one’s really tough. We have a lot to choose from behind the two (literal) giants in Shaquille O’Neal and Dwight Howard. Andrew Declercq, Nikola Vucevic, Rony Seikaly, Marcin Gortat, Tree Rollins. All bring great qualities, but I’ll take Vucevic based on potential. You can’t discount a guy that averaged a double-double in his third year in the NBA. That’s just insane. And he’ll improve. Much like the Magic’s management, I’m banking on potential.

2. Who starts at small forward for the team?

I HOPE it’s Aaron Gordon. I think he needs the time there because I feel that SF is his best position. However, I think it’s likely Tobias Harris based on his performance last season. Given that he’ll be eligible for an extension in the coming season, the Magic could want to analyze his skills and improvement to see if he is worth the kind of money he could command.

3. Why did Rafter Alston in 2009?

Because Eddie House

4. If Arron Afflalo had dead guardian wasps in his car would he still be a Magic player?

Ok. I have a confession. This is becoming a weekly thing on here, isn’t it? This question was posed on twitter to me because I posted that I have two dead wasps that are on my dashboard. It’s an old car. Whatever. Shut up. Don’t judge me. Anyway, I named them Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons and they’re ride or die with me. Or both in that case…because they’re dead and they ride in my car.

But yes. He still would be a Magic player. You can’t mess with the powers of dead wasps. They’re hardcore. And you all can’t judge me. My car is amazing.

5. Did you have your hopes set on DeShawn Stevenson becoming the next Michael Jordan?

I did. As we all should have. And DeShawn has an ATM in his house. Who’s really better between D-Steve and Jordan? Spoiler alert: It’s not Jordan.

6. Do you like it when people call you by your last name?

Oddly enough, I’ve been called by my last name my whole life. I always seemed to find myself with another Zac(h)(k) so people just ended up calling me by my last name. However, I have gotten some hilarious mis-sayings of my last name. Most common was “Clearly.” I actually allowed a teacher in high school to call me “Mr. Clearly” for an entire semester because I was too afraid of him to say it was wrong…

7. When is Zach firing you?

After that last answer, probably by tomorrow. Start the hashtag now, guys. #LetZacWrite

8. Now that Lance Stephenson is on a division opponent for Orlando, which Magic player is most likely to punch Lance in a game?

The Magic almost have to sign Ivan Johnson now, right? Because he would be my answer.

9. How should the Magic work around their inability to space the floor?

I think the Magic should work on trying to get to the basket and get to the line to work around it. Victor Oladipo and Elfird Payton have to use their quickness and ability to finish in traffic to be able to create free throw attempts and three-point play opportunities. Also, the signing of Channing Frye helps keep defenders honest and respect his perimeter game and ability to space the floor. Moral of the story? I don’t think the team’s lack of three-point shooting is going to be as big of a problem as many fans make it out to be.

10. You’re robbing a bank, which member of the Magic do you make the getaway driver?

Elfrid Payton. My mom’s family is from Louisiana. Gotta rely on someone with a bit of Louisiana in their blood to roll with me. Although he was born in Louisiana and I was not, we know. Laissez le bon temps (et l’argent) rouler!

That does it for this week’s Magic Mailbag Mondays! Send in your questions to me on Twitter (@zac_cleary) or the blog’s account (@PrestoInPaint) and you might see your question in next week’s edition!