Magic Mailbag Mondays: Week 5


Welcome, dear readers, to another edition of Magic Mailbag Mondays! I answer your Magic-related (or not) questions and we all have a generally good time. It’s fun. Trust me. This week, we talk about Victor Oladipo‘s potential, dragon colors, we have a good cry, and I make a startling confession. Ah. I see you’re intrigued now. Let’s jump in!

1. Do you think Victor Oladipo can be our go-to scorer?

I think he can, actually. He played at an extremely high level last season, earning All-Rookie First Team honors, and an even higher level in summer league. This video is a spectacular reminder of just how driven and motivated he is. Frankly, I think whatever Victor Oladipo wants, Victor Oladipo will get.

2. Why didn’t the Magic sign LeBron James?

I don’t know! And here I was thinking that my plea to LeBron would sway him. I was a fool and I am sorry, Orlando.

3. Which Magic rookie gets more ladies in his rookie season, Elfrid Payton or Aaron Gordon?

I think it’s gotta be Payton. Chicks dig the hair.

4. Why do I always lose my keys?

Elfrid Payton has them and he is driving the lane to hit you with that DUNKFACE

5. Green Stuff or Blue Stuff?

Green Stuff. No question. I respect the classics.

6. Are the Magic trying to be the Spurs of the East by getting team players?

I really hope so. I actually thought that the Magic were emulating a team like that instead of the Thunder, which many see as the paragon of rebuilding and the team to emulate. But for the Magic, they might be following the Spurs’ method of cultivating talent to play together with good, team ball. With Rob Hennigan’s Spurs connection, the influence is there and it’s starting to show on the roster.

7. Pick the perfect backup point guard to mentor Elfrid Payton? Doesn’t have to be a free agent. Anyone.

Unfortunately, I think the Magic actually waived the best candidate I can think of in Jameer Nelson. Jameer’s one of those guys that has been around the block. He was from a smaller school (like Payton) and made a large impact in his rookie season (like Payton is poised to do). He could have offered advice on how to win and play at a truly professional level.

…I miss Jameer, guys.

8. What song would you use to describe the Magic’s franchise history?




by Adele

Those three beautiful souls…oh how I wish they would have stayed longer. What? I’m not crying. There’s just something in both of my eyes. Shut up. YOU’RE crying.

9. Why have you never read the Harry Potter books?

Sigh…I guess I’m going to have to confront this head on and confess. As the question states, I have not read any of the Harry Potter books. I am sorry. I love sci-fi and fantasy, but I have not read the books. I hope to read them one day though and I have seen the movies. BUT. I like to think that I was concerned with the Magic that matter. The team in Orlando.

10. Does Rob Hennigan have a Gordon obsession?

I’m not sure. But I like Aaron Gordon. I’ve been very vocal about that and I will be until I am proven otherwise. I’m not too sure that the Ben Gordon signing was the best, but it’s essentially only a one-year deal, so I won’t get too worked up over it. I’ll let the process play out. But I’m sure some people would call that love of the name “Gordon” something more than an obsession, but I like to keep it PG here on Magic Mailbag Mondays.

That does it for this week’s Magic Mailbag Mondays! Send in your questions to me on Twitter (@zac_cleary) or the blog’s account (@PrestoInPaint) and you might see your question in next week’s edition!