Magic Mailbag Mondays: Week 4


It’s that time again! Magic Mailbag Mondays. To get people up to speed, I answer your Magic-related (or not) questions and we all just have a generally good time. It’s fun for the whole family. In this week’s edition, we talk about Bo Outlaw in cowboy gear, cereal, classic rock, Daniel Orton, and Lebron James among other things. Let’s jump in!

1. Who would win in a game of one-on-one, E’Twaun Moore or Bo Outlaw at his current age/shape?

I will never ever EVER doubt Bo Outlaw. He’s one of my favorite all-time Magic players. So, if you couldn’t catch on, I prefer Bo in that game. I actually have a poster somewhere in my room that is Bo Outlaw dressed in cowboy clothes. I cannot make that up.

2. How will Evan Fournier affect Elfrid Payton’s playing time?

I think the two are pretty independent of each other, honestly. I see Payton starting long-term and I think the organization does too. Fournier, on the other hand, will be a super-sub off the bench, providing much-needed range. Can he handle the ball? Sure. Totally. But I don’t think he takes away from Payton’s growth at the end of the day.

3. Compare members of the Magic to a cereal

Kyle O’Quinn is definitely Lucky Charms because of his very Irish last name. Victor Oladipo is easily Frosted Flakes. He’s more than good. He’s grrrrrrr-eat! Nikola Vucevic is Honey Nut Cheerios because his post game is sweet like honey. Andrew Nicholson is Raisin Bran. He’s boring, he plays like an old man, but he gets the job done. Ben Gordon is Corn Flakes. No one really likes him but he’s good to have in the counter. Aaron Gordon is Captain Crunch. He finishes with authority. I’ve probably got some more, but that’s a pretty good sample size.

4. Who is your favorite Magic player and why is it Oladipo?

My favorite player on the Magic is definitely Oladipo, and to quote Dan Gilbert’s son, what’s not to like? He’s a leader, he’s improving, and he has a mean singing voice. Whole package.

5. Do you think Aaron should have just swatted it into the millennia or was the swallow up a good call?

Swallow-up all the way. That is how you assert your dominance and announce your presence in the NBA. Welcome to the league, rook. We see you. We all see you.

6. Do you see the Magic as true players for Greg Monroe? If so what would be a fair trade and sign package?

I really hope so. I think Monroe would be a great fit in Orlando, especially if the organization sees Aaron Gordon as a small forward. Monroe and Vucevic would be able to absolutely feast in the post while the wing defenders (Payton, Oladipo, Gordon) lock people down and keep pressure off of Monroe and Vucevic, who are not exactly pillars of defensive dominance.

7. Who’s your favorite band from the 60’s/70’s?

Fleetwood Mac easily. Their album Rumors was spectacular. Not to be confused with the NBA Free Agency follow-up album, Sources.

…That was a cheap joke. Even I’m ashamed.

8. How would LeBron going to Cleveland affect his trips to DisneyWorld after he wins his next title?

Not sure, but he won’t be carrying Wade on his back if he makes a return trip this time.

9. How do I grow beard quickly?

Make Kyle O’Quinn your barber. He has a secret potion for beard-growing mystical powers.

10. Biggest draft bust in Magic history? (Excluding Fran Vazquez)

It pains me to say this because it really wasn’t his fault, but Daniel Orton. He was just so lost in so many ways in Orlando. But in all fairness, that was one of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named’s picks (hint: it rhymes with Gotis Smith), so we can’t be too surprised at the horrible turn that took.

That does it for this week’s Magic Mailbag Mondays! Send in your questions to me on Twitter (@zac_cleary) or the blog’s account (@PrestoInPaint) and you might see your question in next week’s edition!