No timetable for Tobias Harris, Glen Davis apologizes for incident


Magic fans have been patiently awaiting Tobias Harris' return to the basketball court after he sprained his ankle against the Pistons in the preseason on Oct. 20.

That return might still take a little while longer. Tobias Harris said he is probably still a few weeks away from returning to the court and returning to action although he would not put a specific timetable on it or put a percentage on how strong the ankle is healing.

Harris has been limited by the ankle and is doing pretty much only cardio work — and running on an elliptical at that — to stay in shape while he is doing rehab. He is hoping that he can do some running as the next step in his recovery.

All he can do right now is watch.

"It's killing me right now, just watching games knowing you can be out there to help," Harris said. "But I'm just preparing for me to get back in here every day and continue to work and continue to do all the rehab and get where i need to be."

Harris said he has not been able to do too much on the court other than set shots and free throws. Harris said he is taking it real slowly and wants to make sure he returns at 100 percent. He and Glen Davis stayed back in Orlando during the team's recent road trip which ended Monday with a 120-105 loss to Boston.

Harris said when he is ready and when he is able to do all the things he could do before, he will be back on the floor. There is no telling right now how long that could be.

Off the court, the Magic faced a bit of controversy over the weekend.

TMZ Sports posted video Monday of a security camera feed at an Orlando-area motel that shows a frustrated Glen Davis reaching across the cashier's desk and throwing a computer keyboard across the room. According to TMZ, Davis was frustrated that the motel was sold out and he was unable to purchase a room early Saturday morning.

Watch the video for yourself and make your own conclusions on what Davis was doing there and the incident on your own.

Glen Davis was not out shooting free throws with his teammates like he usually does, but issued an apology on Twitter:

Magic coach Jacque Vaughn said the team is handling the matter internally, but expressed his disappointment in the team's co-captain.

"We're aware of the situation as an organization and that's something we're going to handle internally," Vaughn said. "We always want the best for our players. We want for them to represent us at all times as we do represent them. Those standards won't change. Like I said, we'll handle all of that internally."

Davis has been out since January with a broken foot. Complications over the summer required him to have a second surgery to fix the problem. Davis had returned to practice in a limited capacity as he works himself back into game shape. He said he has been cleared to play, but the Magic are taking their time (like they have with all injured players) integrating him back into the rotation.