Who else is coming to camp?


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We are less than two weeks from the beginning of training camp and a few of you on Twitter have asked me who else the Magic might invite.

That question is a little bit difficult to answer as it feels like the Magic roster is pretty complete. As things stand now, Orlando has 15 players on the roster. Of course, that includes yet-to-be-signed Romero Osby, soon-to-be-bought-out Hedo Turkoglu and currently-unguaranteed-but-likely-to-make-the-roster Kyle O'Quinn.

In any case, the Magic seem to be in the market to have some extra bodies in camp even if they end up missing out on the roster. And no decision has been made on whether to bring Romero Osby onto the roster for training camp, which would mean the Magic would give up his draft rights.

There is still the very real possibility the Magic will bring someone in for camp.

Just last week, Devin Ebanks was in Orlando to work out for the Magic although he ended up signing with Dallas for a training camp deal. The conclusion from this could be, Orlando is still looking for bodies for training camp.

Likely, the Magic appear to be looking for another young and up-and-coming player or a guy willing to take a non-guaranteed contract. The Magic would want someone who will be a positive influence in the locker room or a young player that might be a diamond in the rough. Those might be tough to find.

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There are a few players out there still that could interest the Magic and fit their depth chart.

Maurice Harkless would be the only true small forward on the roster if the team buys out Turkoglu. Then again, Arron Afflalo and Tobias Harris could platoon at small forward. If the Magic go that route, they do have a few options.

Lang Greene of HoopsWorld suggests a group of unsigned veteran free agents that teams could be going after with the few remaining weeks before training camp. There were two that specifically caught my eye for their ties to Orlando (there is no information available that Orlando is interested in them or that they are interested in Orlando):

Damien Wilkins

Wilkins played for the 76ers last year and, according to Greene, worked out for the Hawks most recently. Wilkins has never been impressive with his stat line, but has made the NBA for nine seasons because of his professionalism, hard-nosed defense and hard work. Again, there is a reason a guy with career averages of 6.3 points per game and 2.4 rebounds per game. Wilkins seems like he would be the exact kind of veteran player to fill 10-15 minutes per game for the Magic. His Orlando connection is that he was raised in Orlando and attended Dr. Phillips High School.

Corey Maggette

Maggette was, once upon a time, drafted by the Magic and had a strong rookie year before the team traded him away in the great salary cap purge of 2000. Maggette has had a solid career with very little Playoff success. That is why many suspect he is looking to go to a contender. But why wouldn't it make sense for him to return to the team where he started his career? The Magic could use someone off the bench who is not afraid to take the ball and score and Maggette might still be that player. Likely he is not a permeanent solution. Further, Greene calls him a "a trusted mentor to young guys just entering the league." That sounds like someone Rob Hennigan would be interested in, right?

These are just two suggestions and there is no information to suggest either is interested in the Magic or that the Magic are interested in them. They only seem to be the kind of players the Magic would be interested in.

It could, of course, turn out the Magic are not interested in signing anybody. The roster Orlando currently has could be the one the team heads into the season with.