NBA bloopers 2012-13 and Magic Social Media Awards


The season has wound down and the season recaps and highlights are coming out. I already did a collection of the year's highlights for the Magic in a full season recap shortly after the season ended.

Now the NBA is back at it with some of the lighter moments from the NBA season.

Yes, the Magic make a few appearances. Nothing too embarrassing though. Just the PB&J incident, Kyle O'Quinn hitting a Nets player in the head while trying to save a ball from going out of bounds and Glen Davis diving head first into the stands against the Cavaliers (a win, by the way).



Since we are talking frivolities, the NBA released its nominees for its Social Media Awards. No, there were not any Magic players included in the list. But it has me thinking, what were the social media moments of the Magic's season?

My memory probably is not as good as yours, so I am crowdsourcing for nominees for the Magic Social Media Awards.

The categories and suggested nominees come after the jump:

Snap Shot Award (best Instagram, Twitpic, etc.):

I think this one is pretty obvious. Around Christmastime, Jameer Nelson invited the rookies to his house for some Christmas pictures and requested they wear some garish Christmas T-shirts. Rookie hazing at its finest.

The Epic Award

I think there was only one game for the Magic this year that could be defined as epic. That would be Arron Afflalo's 30-point effort against the Lakers that had the Magic send Dwight Howard to the free throw line, miss free throws and come out with a win. It was the high point of the season:


Other considerations for the Magic's Epic Award would be — the Magic's comeback to force overtime against the Bucks, Nikola Vucevic's 29-rebound effort against the Heat, Arron Afflalo scoring a Staples Center encore of 30 points against the Clippers. If we want to include losses, I might include Monta Ellis' 25-point fourth-quarter explosion in there too.

The LOL Award

The obvious choice would be Glen Davis asking Andrew Nicholson who was responsible for making his pregame PB&J (Maurice Harkless later admitted it was him). That moment was pretty freaking hilarious:


There was definitely another one worth mentioning though. One of the early tasks for the Magic rookies was to pick up a step stool for Jameer Nelson to reach the top of his locker. Just that thought alone evokes an LOL.


Social Slam Award

This essentially is asking what was the most talked-about dunk of the year. The most explosive ooh and aah dunk of the year might have been Maurice Harkless' jam on Robin Lopez against the Hornets in December:


Other candidates: Ish Smith's jam against the Clippers and pick your favorite DeQuan Jones slam (vs. Detroit, vs. Miami, vs. Cleveland, vs. Indiana).

For the Win Award

There were only 20 wins to pick from for the Magic this season. And even fewer that came to the wire. The shot I would select was not "for the win" but it did lead to the tie. It would be Tobias Harris' 4-point play:


Other strong candidates would be J.J. Redick's game-winner against the Pistons and Redick's go-ahead bucket against the Clippers. If we are going to include opposing plays, LeBron James has to be in there (sorry).

The Social MVP

The final award, we have to ask who the Social MVP for the Magic is. The nominees, please:

Glen Davis — always a fan favorite, he was prepared to make a big social splash with his Glen2AllStar hashtag. Unfortunately that was launched the night he was hurt against the Wizards and his season took a turn south.

Tobias Harris — since arriving in Orlando, Harris has been great interacting with fans on the Web and sharing his blessings in being given the opportunity to play in the Magic.

Kyle O'Quinn — OK, he spent only a quarter of the season on Twitter before suspending his account because it was a "distraction." O'Quinn though is always entertaining and is a very welcome addition back to Twitter.

Doron Lamb — who doesn't love socks of the day?

I would love to know your thoughts on the best of Magic social media. Leave your thoughts, omissions and comments below or on Twitter at @OMagicDaily.