What the Houston Rockets Can do Over Offseason to Become a 55-Plus Win Team Next Season

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A Point Guard Wouldn’t Hurt Either

Other needs Morey could look at would be another point guard for the times (so often) when Jeremy Lin goes cold from the field. Lin will have an offseason to hone his jumper, though, and given his relatively sound form, some work with his left hand will pretty much make him the choice as the starting point guard.

Even so, Trey Burke falls in the same category as Noel as far as attainability. The draft isn’t replete with 1-men given the absence of Marcus Smart, but other guys to consider could be Michael Carter-Williams, C.J. McCollum and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

McCollum seems to fit the mold of someone Morey will likely consider.

He’s from a mid-major program—and Damian Lillard just did what he did from a similar background and identical position.  McCollum is a lot more like Deron Williams in terms of play style.  After his LeHigh team upset No. 2 seeded Duke in the 2012 NCAA Tournament, eyes were opened.