Episode 24: Dig N Shot 2013 Playoffs Recap of First Round Part II

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Milwaukee Bucks vs. Miami Heat

The Story: The Bucks Don’t Belong

The Bucks aren’t a playoff team, but the East can’t quite fill out eight quality squads. Milwaukee would be swept by the 7th seed, the Boston Celtics. Despite a lot of young talent, we all three agree that a Monta Ellis-led team just can’t win a title.

What the Bucks are doing is what they’ll probably be doing, and unless they retain the young talent on their team (the first of which will be free agent center Larry Sanders this season), there’s really not a lot to get excited about in Brew Town.

The Bucks are just the Brewers of the NBA, and they’ll have their flashes here and there, but no one is talking about Brandon Jennings and his compadres leading the Bucks to some unforeseen title run any time soon.