Video recaps of 2012-13 season

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Next week I will do my yearly review of “What Went Right” and “What Went Wrong” for the Magic this year. That will be our more in depth review of the season that ended last night.

Until then, while the ink is still drying on the season, we are going to reflect and look at where we have gone this season and where we are going. There is a lot that is going to happen in the Magic Kingdom this offseason including key decisions about veterans, development of the young players on this year’s roster and the drafting of a top-4 pick. A lot can and will happen.

The Magic filed out of Amway Center and had their exit interviews with Rob Hennigan and Jacque Vaughn today before meeting the media. There was plenty of uncertainty in those meetings for several players.

Let’s keep the focus on this season first though before we get too far ahead of ourselves.

A lot happened this season more than just 20 wins and 62 losses.  Colby Huggins of The Magic Wire put together this nice retrospective video of the season that was that, I think, tells a good story of the season:

#WEWILLREBUILD an Orlando Magic 2012-2013 season retrospective from Colby Huggins on Vimeo.

Fox Sports Florida also had two nice highlight packages in the last two games of the season highlighting a lot of the great plays this Magic team had even when the wins were not coming in droves.

Here are some other highlights from the year.

June 28, 2012: NBA Draft

November 2, 2012: Orlando Magic 102, Denver Nuggets 89

November 16, 2012: Orlando Magic 110, Detroit Pistons 106

November 23, 2012: Orlando Magic 90, Detroit Pistons 74

December 2, 2012: Orlando Magic 113, Los Angeles Lakers 103

December 3, 2012: Orlando Magic 102, Golden State Warriors 94

December 19, 2012: Orlando Magic 90, Washington Wizards 83

December 26, 2012: New Orleans Hornets 97, Orlando Magic 94

December 31, 2012: Miami Heat 112, Orlando Magic 110, OT

January 7, 2013: Portland Trail Blazers 125, Orlando Magic 119, OT

January 12, 2013: Orlando Magic 104, Los Angeles Clippers 101

January 14, 2013: Washington Wizards 120, Orlando Magic 91

February 15, 2013: Team Chuck 163, Team Shaq 135

February 26, 2013: Orlando Magic 98, Philadelphia 76ers 84

March 6, 2013: Miami Heat 97, Orlando Magic 96

March 12, 2013: Los Angeles Lakers 106, Orlando Magic 97

April 10, 2013: Orlando Magic 113, Milwaukee Bucks 103, OT

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