A Little House Cleaning


This is a post for my readers.

Yes, we are locked out. As you can probably tell, already this blog is reaching into the annals of Magic history to keep things both positive and fresh as we await the lockout to end. I have some fun diversions planned if the lockout lasts, but that can only take us so far.

Thinking the summer might reach a crawl if the lockout lasts, I wanted to make sure I took the time and turned my attention directly to my readers so I can better understand what you want out of this blog. I cannot promise to make all the changes possible or follow through on every suggestion (I am hamstrung by time and my day job as most bloggers are), but I truly appreciate the feedback and want to hear from you.

Orlando Magic Daily is a community, and I want to get better acquainted with the OMD community.

The big questions are what can I be doing better and how can I better use this space for your benefit?

My philosophy in approaching this blog is to be a center for Magic news and thought. I want to find stories on the Magic around the Web that bring up interesting and insightful points and direct you to them while providing some insight, opinion and context. The goal is to be the place you go for Magic news that can then send you out to the rest of the blogosphere and Internet.

Time constraints keep me from accomplishing this goal completely. I know I am not passing the Orlando Sentinel for prestige and access any time soon. But that explains partly my philosophy and why I pick the topics I write on.

Another place I get ideas for posts and find out what to write is in my discussions with you, the readers.

I try my very best to respond to every comment with a reply or a “like” and to respond to every comment on Facebook and every @reply on Twitter that I can. I feel you are my very best resource for Magic discussion. I am just one person with his own thoughts about the Magic. You represent the rest of the Magic community.

I have found since I started writing for Orlando Magic Daily that it is you, the readers, driving the overall discussion about the Magic. While I will use this platform to look at issues that I see and feel are worth addressing, I miss things too. And I have always valued the suggestions readers give me for posts. Some of my best ideas have come from reading comments and listening in on the discussions fans have. Again, you drive the discussion as much as, if not more than, anybody.

I really feel this space should be used as a discussion. I want to hear your thoughts in the comment sections below, on Facebook and on Twitter. I encourage you, the readers, to leave your thoughts and ideas on this site and elsewhere. This is as much your site as it is mine.

Finally, I would love to hear your suggestions on what I can do better and what you would like to see from the site moving forward. What features do you like? What features do you dislike? Again, I am here to satisfy YOUR thirst for Magic news, opinion and discussion.

I would love to see the comment section become more active so we can spur this discussion. If you have suggestions to make the site better in any way or any comment about posts whatsoever, drop me a line and let me know. The conversations are what makes being a fan so great. And I know there are some fantastic and passionate Magic fans out there with a lot on their minds.

Feel free to drop me a line. You can reach me by e-mail at omagicdaily@gmail.com, on Twitter @OMagicDaily and on Facebook at our official Facebook page.

I am looking forward to another great year of Magic basketball and building the Orlando Magic Daily community. Thanks for reading!

Philip Rossman-Reich
Editor, Orlando Magic Daily 

Photos via DayLife.com.