Orlando Magic News & Notes: Gilbert’s Shot, Lockout News


Gilbert Arenas made some very telling remarks via twitter:

"yes as of now i am but i work hard everyday to try to prove it i just didnt get a fair shot this year but hoping for one next year"

Evan Dunlap of Orlando Pinstriped Post discussed his tweet:

"I believe Arenas recognizes he had a bad year, and blames at least part of it on the way Van Gundy used him. But I also believe he understands the key to more playing time, and more freedom, is to get in shape, and I believe he takes that task seriously. Rag on him for his Twitter antics–which include posting photos of him “planking”–if you must, but Arenas is nothing if not earnest on that account."

Philip Rossman-Reich called Stan Van Gundy a “Zen Master:”

"“He talked about what upset him,” Van Gundy said to Schmitz. “Gilbert was not as frustrated with his playing time as he was (during the season). It’s different once you’re out of the heat of battle. He’s an intelligent guy. He had a frustration that we didn’t play to his strengths. I think he had a valid point.”That echoes what Otis Smith intimated when he said Van Gundy and Arenas needed to get on the same page after the season and what Dwight Howard said about Arenas. Arenas has been working out in Orlando and appears to be working his way back into shape. Neither I nor Stan need to tell Magic fans how important that could be when the 2012 season starts. Still Van Gundy said it will be tough for him to unseat Nelson at the moment. Things can change in camp though."

Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel explains why Chris Duhon is so important right now:

"Duhon serves as the Magic roster’s representative to the National Basketball Players Association. In that role, he serves as a critical conduit between union officials and Orlando players.“It just gives you the opportunity to really be involved and have a real understanding of what’s going on, what your situation’s like,” Duhon said."

Robbins also explains why the NBA should hope the NFL lockout lasts:

"But, from a public-relations standpoint, because basketball isn’t a risky sport, NBA players and owners had better recognize that their ongoing negotiations do not carry the same gravitas of the football players’ negotiations.The NFL’s dispute is about money and fundamental health issues.The NBA’s dispute is about money and nothing else.If the NFL resolves its labor dispute before its training camps are supposed to open, the American sporting public understandably will ask why an intrinsically risky sport like pro football could reach an agreement and why pro basketball has not."

He also discusses Howard’s future:

"Howard’s contract runs through the 2012-13 season, but he can terminate his deal one year early. He already has said that although he prefers to remain with the Magic for the long haul, he intends to become a free agent in July 2012.A cancellation of the 2011-12 season, along with Howard signing with another team next summer, would be the absolute worst-case scenario for the Magic.On the other hand, the new CBA agreement, whenever it is reached, could offer the franchise added hope of retaining Howard."

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