David Pingalore of Local 6 released a report about Dwight Howard signing a two-year extension with the Orlando Magic..."/> David Pingalore of Local 6 released a report about Dwight Howard signing a two-year extension with the Orlando Magic..."/>

Orlando Magic News & Notes: Howard’s Extension, Monta Ellis, Darrell’s Chance


David Pingalore of Local 6 released a report about Dwight Howard signing a two-year extension with the Orlando Magic. Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel says he regards this report with skepticism:

"Pingalore says that a two-year extension “is all but signed by Howard.”So far, no one has corroborated that report.Indeed, five hours before Ping sent out his report over Twitter, Howard told the Sentinel that he’s “not focused” on an extension or on other future considerations.Please note the words I’ve italicized.Howard said: “One of the reasons why I just wanted to have this little get-together with all the fans was just to try to ease their minds about all the trade rumors and all that stuff and let them know I care about my city, I want to be here in Orlando and stop worrying about me signing a new extension and all this stuff. I’m not focused on that. I still have another year left with the Magic.”"

Mike Bianchi asks readers if they trust Ping’s report:

"Let’s face it, you have to take Ping’s reports not just with a grain of salt but with the entire shaker. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Ping has turned the 11 o’clock news into the 11 o’clock guess.Don’t forget, it was Ping who also reported last season that the Magic were on verge of signing Chris Paul. And it was also Ping who reported that UCF’s admittance into the Big East was imminent and could happen “within a week.” That was a year ago."

Evan Dunlap of Orlando Pinstriped Post touches on Howard’s plan to stay with the Magic:

"First, I don’t doubt Howard’s sincerity. Throughout his seven-year career, he’s treated Orlando and its fans with the utmost respect; that he made these comments at a community barbecue he hosted at Turkey Lake only drives that point home. He’s among the most caring, sensitive, community-conscious athletes in pro sports. Players of his caliber aren’t typically this accessible and candid.The most important words he uttered, though are these: “as of right now” and “plan.” They carry as much weight here as his actions throughout this process do. Just as I don’t doubt his sincerity when he professes his love for the city, I don’t doubt that he could change his plans. For all his NBA experience and wealth, the man is just 25 years old, and will be a few months past 26 when he finally must make up his mind about his future."

Philip Rossman-Reich of Orlando Magic Daily talks about Darrell Armstrong’s chance to win a title:

"Orlando fans should be ecstatic he is getting this chance again. His hard work has paid off for him throughout his career, going from an undrafted diminuitive guard, to overseas toiler, to bench warmer, to key cog on a playoff team and fan favorite. Armstrong has become a great coach, pretty much holding down an assisting coach job since he retired."

Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy shares his keys to the finals.

The Warriors are looking to trade Monta Ellis. Zach McCann of the Sentinel wonders if the Magic would be interested:

"The Warriors need size, as West said, because they don’t have much in the frontcourt past David Lee. And Kawakami speculated the Warriors will deal for a “tough wing,” perhaps suggesting the Warriors will look into trading for Philly’s Andre Iguodala, who also may be on the move.In terms of size, neither Ryan Anderson nor Brandon Bass would benefit the Warriors beyond Lee’s talents at power forward. It’d be a reach to classify Hedo Turkoglu as a “tough wing,” and the Warriors wouldn’t be interested in his contract anyhow. J.J. Redick might hold some value, however, as he’d form a healthy yet defense-deficient backcourt alongside Curry.The best deal the Magic could put together — and this is purely speculation — is something like J.J. Redick, Brandon Bass and a first-round pick for Ellis."

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