Dining at Orlando’s Amway Center: A review of Jernigan’s


Jernigan’s is described by many as that fancy, new, upscale restaurant located somewhere in the vast land of the Amway Center.  While I wouldn’t go far as calling it “upscale,” more like a higher class Golden Corral, it is a very pleasant new feature of the building that everyone should check out at least once.  Essentially, it’s above average food and a glutton’s paradise.

There are only two time options for seating at Jernigan’s (an hour and a half before the game and at game time) and you must have reservations to get seated.  Pre-game reservations seem much easier to get, however you will be booted out of the restaurant 15 minutes before tipoff so that they can seat folks for the next round.  Assuming you’re seated promptly, that allows you only an hour and 15 minutes to do your best Kobayashi impersonation on the food stations.  That doesn’t even include time to sit and relax with a bottle of wine or enjoy one of the new desserts by The Dessert Lady.

For $35.95 a person you will have any and everything you could want to eat.  There is no set menu and everyone orders from the set “Chef’s Table Menu” which features several ever changing food stations and includes free soft drinks (sample menu).  This is where Jernigan’s sets itself apart in my opinion.   You never have to feel the anxiety of picking between the Rib Eye and the Rigatoni.  You get to have it all!

Let me preface this portion of the review by stating that I am no Scott Joseph.  I am FAR from a foodie.  I love Seasons 52 and The Ravenous Pig but I am just as happy eating at McDonald’s.

On my first go-around, I decided to fill my plate to the brim with as much randomness as possible.  The first plate included: Rigatoni Pomodoro, Sirloin Steak, Orzo Pasta Salad, Mojo Chicken, Pork Loin (w/ apple cinnamon chutney), Creamed Corn, and Plantains.  Not to take away from the others, and I know it sounds strange, but the Creamed Corn was my favorite.  It had a little kick to it and also little chunks of ham, onion and parsley. Delicious.  The steak and rigatoni were rather regular, but the pork, orzo, and everything else was very good.

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