Trade Deadline 2011 Targets: The Wings


Yesterday I took a look at some of the post players that might be available in the trade market that the Magic might go after. You can already see (if you read that rather lengthy post) there are a lot of players available… and that it will be quite difficult to bring them in.

The fact of the matter is, while Orlando does need to find a backup center to play behind Dwight Howard actually acquiring that player will be very difficult. That is because of the trade the team made on Dec. 18. Because Orlando is over the salary cap, Gilbert Arenas, Hedo Turkoglu, Jason Richardson and Earl Clark can only be traded individually and cannot be traded in combination with any other player. For example, Orlando would not be able to deal Richardson with Chris Duhon.

That severely limits Orlando’s trading potential.

I again refer you to Evan Dunlap of Orlando Pinstriped Post’s assessment of the Magic’s trading assets as I take a look at some wing players that might be available on the trade market and that fans and followers have suggested Orlando chase.

I would like to point out that at this point a trade for anything besides a backup center does not seem very likely and if a new acquisition is going to be made, it likely will be a buyout “mercenary” after the trade deadline. But with a week before the deadline, it does not hurt to keep your ears open and speculate a little.

Here is a list of wings who might be available:

(Eds. note: all the trades I suggest are pure speculation and use the ESPN Trade Machine; I have no information to suggest any trade is imminent)

Andre Iguodala, Philadelphia
Contract: $56.5 million, 2 years left w/ ETO in 2013
Stats: 44 G, 14.2 PPG, 6.1 APG, 48.0% eFG%, 17.8 PER

My Take: Of all the superstar players that have been rumored to be available, none I feel fit better with the Magic’s current roster than Andre Iguodala. We saw exactly the type of player he could be in the 2009 First Round when he came up with big plays for his team. This has been a bit of a down year scoring wise for Iguodala (he has not averaged this few points since his second year), but there is no doubt he has the ability to be a 20-point per night guy and can create his own shot.

The Magic need that type of a player right now. What is more, he fits into the team’s defensive mentality. He has really discovered a strong defensive ability from his time playing the U.S. national team at the World Championships this summer. Iguodala would fit in as he is not quite the level of player who could lead a franchise by himself, but could fit in nicely on a team with all the weapons Orlando has.

It does not appear at this point, however, that Philadelphia is willing to make a trade. It seemed like they might at the beginning of the season. But now that Philadelphia is in the playoff hunt, it does not appear as though the 76ers want to make a trade. Iguodala might be completely off the table.

Potential Trade: Andre Iguodala, Mareesse Speights for Jason Richardson — Richardson’s contract actually matches up pretty perfectly with Iguodala. In exchange for taking on Iguodala’s contract and little-used center (and former Gator) Speights, Philadelphia actually cuts some salary for this year and Richardson is a free agent this summer. That would help Phialdelphia rebuild a little quicker. Of course, they would really like Orlando (or anyone) to take Elton Brand first.

Gerald Wallace, Charlotte
Contract: Approx. $32 million, two years left with an ETO in 2012
Stats: 47 G, 39.1 MPG, 15.5 PPG, 8.3 RPG, 46.3 eFG%, 14.8 PER

My Take: Wallace has been another one of those fan favorite potential acquisitions, a guy who will play extremely hard and defend. He is a guy who could fit in pretty well with a team that is already in place and be someone to put them over the top. Unlike guys Orlando already has, he is perfectly happy fitting in and will find a role with the team and players around him.

“Crash” as he is affectionately known in Charlotte is having something of a down year after posting career numbers on last year’s playoff team. How he plays really is how the Bobcats will go. And he is struggling this year. His defensive numbers are down this year — a 12.5% total rebounding percentage, 105 defensive rating and 2.4 defensive win shares according to

So is he a clearly good addition for the Magic or is the idea of him what makes Magic fans want him? That would be the question Otis would have to ask himself before pulling the trigger.

Potential Trade: Gerald Wallace, Desagana Diop for Gilbert Arenas, Quentin Richardson — This deal presents some salary cap issues for both teams to really think hard about. Diop has about $12 million over the next two years left on his deal, so the Magic would be making a hug commitment to him as their backup center at least until THAT summer. But in this deal Orlando would be rid of Arenas’ contract and Richardson. That could be a good thing for Arenas as he could dominate the ball a little more in Charlotte and work harder to get back to the level of play he was at.

Carmelo Anthony, Denver
Contract: Approx. $35.5 million, ETO in 2011
Stats: 50 G, 35.5 MPG, 25.2 PPG, 7.6 RPG, 47.4 eFG%, 21.4 PER

My Take: This would obviously be the dream scenario, and it continues to appear like it is nothing but a dream. All the news outlets have been buzzing about the potential deal that has New Jersey with a deal accepted and on the table contingent upon Anthony agreeing to an extension. Further, he said explicitly he does not want to go somewhere where he would not sign an extension. In other words, he does not want to be rented and continue dealing with the questions about his future.

That puts Orlando on the outside looking in on these deals even though the Magic were linked to Anthony during the summer. Looking at what Denver has asked of New Jersey, it also does not appear Orlando has enough to get Anthony to begin with. The Magic certainly don’t have the draft picks. There goes that pipe dream.

Potential Trade: Carmelo Anthony, Melvin Ely, Anthony Carter for Jameer Nelson, Hedo Turkoglu, JJ Redick — Orlando gives up a lot in this deal, but not nearly as much as New Jersey is giving up. But that is something that could apparently work.

Tayshaun Prince, Detroit
Contract: Aprox. $11 million, 0 Years Remaining
Stats: 57 G, 33.5 MPG, 14.6 PPG, 39.1% 3FG%, 49.7% eFG%, 16.0 PER

My Take: Never thought we would ever talk about acquiring Tayshaun Prince after all the times he has broken our hearts for the better part of a decade. But there is no doubt he would add value to this team. He fits its defensive mantra and he fits my Horace Grant Theory as a guy who can show — and tell — this team what it takes to win a title. I would have almost liked him on the team we had before the trades instead of Hedo Turkoglu right now.

He is a smart player and can run an offense to get Jameer Nelson off the ball. I really do like him as a fit for this team, while not a 20-point scorer. He would add a lot of value, plus he is a free agent.

No one is quite sure what Detroit wants to do with him or Richard Hamilton. The franchise is obviously moving in a different direction. So if they can get value for him, why not move him?

Potential Trade: Tayshaun Prince, Ben Wallace for Hedo Turkoglu, Quentin Richardson — My question is why would Detroit take on so much salary? It will be the same question I ask when I look at Richard Hamilton next. But inevitably, whoever Orlando trades with is going to be taking on some type of financial obligation. This deal helps Orlando a lot more than it helps Detroit.

Richard Hamilton, Detroit
Contract: Approx. $38 million, 2 Years Remaining
Stats: 35 G, 25.7 MPG, 13.3 PPG, 41.3% FG%, 46.1% eFG%, 15.0 PER

My Take: Wow, again. Another Piston who tormented the Magic for so long on the block. It is hard to figure out, again, what Detroit wants to do with this long-time contributor. Hamilton’s numbers are way down, but a lot of that has to do with the fact his coach does not have confidence in him and is not playing him.

Ultimately, since the Chauncey Billups trade, Hamilton has not really fit on this roster. Could he fit in Orlando? Maybe. Stan has never had a guy that could work off screens the way Hamilton does. He is not quite the one-on-one player the Magic might be looking for, but he is a guy who can contribute in a lot of other ways.

Potential Trade: Richard Hamilton, Ben Wallace for Jason Richardson — Magic get a replacement for J-Rich and then gets a backup center in Wallace so Greg Monroe can get more playing time. Hamilton comes here to take Richardson’s spot as a potentially more consistent shooter (albeit not from 3-point range) and a little bit more of a facilitator.