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Orlando Magic Media Day: J.J. Redick


Magic Guard J.J. Redick thought he was heading to Chicago earlier this summer when he signed a three-year deal worth $19 million with the Bulls. The Magic chose to match the offer and retain Redick. Redick spoke on that subject and much more at media day Monday afternoon.

Redick called Orlando’s pre-media day meeting “productive.”

Redick told reporters there were several themes and specifically mentioned “accountability” and “toughness.”

“I think accountability is one of the main things we talked about for sure,” Redick said. “I think one of the main reasons we had the meeting was so everyone understands their job. Not just my job personally but so I know what Dwight’s job is, what Rashard’s job is and then to not only hold yourself accountable to do your job but to hold the next guy accountable to do his job.”

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  • Redick said he still “had a bitter taste” in his mouth from the Boston series. He was upset with the way the Magic played in the series.
  • “I don’t know if we could have beaten Boston last year but we didn’t play our best game,” Redick said. “We got our butts kicked. That’s another thing we talked about in the meeting – playing tougher. That’s apparently going to be the theme of our season. Not just physically, but mentally.”
  • Redick was impressed with the way everyone showed up for September workouts, saying everyone was in “great shape.”
  • Redick thinks a potential Miami-Orlando rivalry would be great for the league, for several reasons including distance and Stan Van Gundy’s history with Miami.
  • “Rivalries are always good,” Redick explained. “I know, Duke-Carolina. It’s good stuff.”
  • Redick said he’s worked a lot this summer, even taking up palates, prompting one reporter to call him “Mr. Pilates.”
  • “On the court, I’ve really worked on the in-between shot,” Redick told reporters. “You know, those runners, those floaters and my ball-handling and just being able to score when people run me off my jump shot.”
  • Redick called Boston the favorite in the east because they are the defending conference champions.
  • When asked if Howard needed to add more to his game, Redick scoffed at the notion and told reporters “He is the best center in the NBA.” He later said he thought Howard’s offense would improve but said Howard was the last reason they lost to Boston.
  • Redick said he didn’t know why he was such a fan favorite in Orlando.
  • Redick wouldn’t answer any questions about Winter Park guard Austin Rivers, who is considering Duke. “I think that’s illegal,” Redick answered.
  • Redick told the same reporter that Duke players have a special bond, even if they don’t play together.
  • One player Redick did play with for two years at Duke was newcomer Chris Duhon. I asked Redick how it felt to play with Duhon again.
  • “It’s going to be great,” Redick said. “I played with him only two years but I had a blast playing with him. He’s a guy that makes other people look good, he makes other people better. He gets guys shots. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”
  • I asked Redick how the new players were fitting in and Redick told me, “Our’s is an easy group to fit in to. As long as you have a sense of humor and worked hard, you’ll fit in here.”

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