Orlando Magic News & Notes: Dooling Wants Back In? Free Agency, Gortat May Be Traded


Former Magic guard and draft pick Keyon Dooling was bought out by the Nets and NBA Fanhouse’s Tim Povtak reports he is eying a return to either Orlando and Miami.

"Dooling, 30, is from Ft. Lauderdale. He played for Van Gundy in Miami during the 2004-05 season. And he played for Van Gundy in Orlando during the 2007-08 season.Both times he left as a free agent to sign a more lucrative deal elsewhere, but Van Gundy liked and utilized Dooling’s ability to swing from shooting guard to point guard in both places.“I think there’s a very realistic chance I could be back again with one of the Florida teams,” Dooling told FanHouse by phone Tuesday. “Stan (Van Gundy) taught me more about basketball than anyone else in my career. It would be a smooth and easy transition to go back and play for him (in Orlando) again.”"

You can read that story here.

Povtak also got a chance to talk to Vince Carter about a potential super team in Miami and you can find out what Carter had to say here.

Carter has obviously heard that rumor but for the most part, he doesn’t pay attention to the rumors.

"“If it happens, it happens,” Carter said Tuesday afternoon. “I stay out of it. I think earlier in my career, that’s when that phone call would have happened: ‘Hey, what’s going on?’ I mean, there’s some things you just can’t control, and that’s one of them.”Carter said he hasn’t spoken with Magic General Manager Otis Smith to ask about the trade speculation. Carter added he doesn’t expect to ask Smith about the rumors if they run into each other at next week’s AirTran Airways Pro Summer League at RDV Sportsplex.Carter looked calm and relaxed Tuesday during a break in a Magic summer basketball camp that he’s hosting this week at the Orlando Sports Center for 250 boys and girls. The eight-time NBA all-star typically hosts two youth camps each summer — one sponsored by his NBA team and one in his hometown of Daytona Beach — and Carter spends full days every day at each of them.Yet the last few weeks have been difficult at times. He said he’s “still not over” the Magic’s loss to the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals last month."

Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel has that story here.

Ben Q. Rock of Orlando Pinstriped Post offers part 2 of his free agency point guard primer here.

Marcin Gortat believes he may be traded.

"Said Gortat, “Stan Van Gundy and Otis Smith told me that when they have chance to get big star, they won’t hesitate and will add me to this trade. But teams don’t get players to just put them on the bench. (On) another team, there won’t be second Dwight Howard and I will have twice bigger chance to play. It could be step forward for me.”Gortat was asked if he wants to stay with the Magic or have an opportunity for more playing time elsewhere.“I was thinking about this many times. It’s good to be on a team which plays almost to the end of the playoffs, even if you play only 8-10 minutes. But on the other hand I would like to play for a team when I’ll have chance to fight for starting 5 and for example, score 20 points, (which) is one of my dreams. So it’s hard dilemma.”"

Brian Schmtiz of the Orlando Sentinel has that story here.

Local 6 reports the Magic may sign a Center like Brad Miller, still may acquire Gilbert Arenas, have given up on Chris Paul and want to trade both Marcin Gortat and Vince Cater. Of course the last two ideas seem pretty obvious. You can read that story here but take it with a grain of salt.

George Diaz of the Orlando Sentinel says the Magic should not overreact to major moves.

"Regardless of who wants out, I wouldn’t be so happy-go-lucky to make a major move unless the Magic are fairly certain that it won’t disrupt things to the point of becoming counter-productive.CP3 is definitely a ‘get,’ but as a point guard, Paul needs to get used to the rhythm and flow of everybody else, and vice-versa. That will take time. Team chemistry is not over-rated. It’s the real deal. So, like it or not, Dwight Howard may go into a funk if the Magic bounce his BFF Jameer Nelson out of Orlando.Nobody knows what the Magic will do, but over-reacting to any seismic shift in Miami or elsewhere should not be their first play."

You can find that story here.

Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel says we shouldn’t believe anything we hear.

"Here is the latest in the ridiculousness: ESPN reported Tuesday that LeBron, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh held a summit in Miami this past weekend to discuss their plans for free agency. One problem: The Miami Herald reported Tuesday that Wade spent the weekend in Chicago.Getting it first has become more important than getting it right. Even locally, where there are “reports” the Magic are shopping Nelson, the co-captain and heart and soul of the team."

You can read that story here.

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