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Orlando Magic News & Notes: Magic Look To Sweep


The Magic want to show off their killer instinct by closing out the Bobcats Monday night.

"Now majority owner of the Bobcats, Jordan was never known for friendly chitter-chatter during his ferocious playing career. He was an all-world trash-talker, unruffled by daggers flung by fans or foes, revered as a cold, calculating closer.The Magic, leading the Bobcats 3-0 in their first-round playoff series, have developed into a respected title contender the last few years. But they aren’t exactly known for having a killer instinct.“Yeah, I think we have that instinct to go out there and finish it,” Nelson said. “In the past, we had teams down by 15, 20 points and they sometimes would come back and take the lead from us. Lately, we’ve been doing a better job putting our foot on the gas pedal.”"

Brian Schmitz has that story here.

The Charlotte fans love Vince Carter, but hate J.J. Redick.

"In Saturday’s Game 3, Redick was booed when he checked into the game and each time he touched the ball. And the crowd even got a chuckle out of a sign a fan held aloft that told Redick to “stop whining’’ and “Go Heels.’’ It’s something that Redick has gotten used to through the years.“If you are a Duke fan in the state of North Carolina, you are in the minority,’’ said Redick, whose Magic holding a commanding 3-0 lead against the Charlotte Bobcats and will be looking to complete the sweep on Monday night. “Even when we’re in a random road city like in Sacramento, some guy is going to yell, `Let’s go Tar Heels’ — like that is really going to fire me up. Mostly it’s just `Let’s Go Tar Heels’ or `Duke Sucks’ — that’s about 99 percent of the real brilliant stuff.’’The most creative trash talk Redick has heard actually made him chuckle to himself. “A fan had a sign that said, `J.J. Drinks his Own (Urine).’ I was wondering, `Wow, how’d they find out?’’"

John Denton has that story here.

The Magic have brought out the worst in the Bobcats.

"“Our offense is staggered,’’ Wallace said. “The ball isn’t moving. It’s stuck on one side. And with Dwight Howard, they do a great job of zoning up.“Right now all they’re guarding is jump shots. That’s tough on us, because we don’t shoot jump shots that much.’’More precisely, they don’t shoot jump shots that well. Their regular-season 3-point percentage (34.6 percent) was in the bottom-third of the NBA and they’ve been far worse in this playoff series at 29.6 percent."

Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer has that story here.

Even if the Bobcats lose Monday, they should be proud of their season.

"The Bobcats made two moves this season to put themselves in position to become ours.Stephen Jackson, a remarkably unselfish talent, joined the Bobcats. Michael Jordan bought them.Jackson is, in his way, as good as Hornets legends Alonzo Mourning and Larry Johnson were in theirs.Jordan, meanwhile, is suddenly a presence. The May Vanity Fair story about Jordan’s influence on Tiger Woods might be accurate. First Jordan turned nice. Then, at the Masters, Tiger did.The Bobcats, meanwhile, have hustled all season to develop or strengthen relationships with businesses, sponsors, rich people, politicians, big spenders, potentially big spenders, the city, the region and fans."

Tom Sorenson of the Charlotte Observer has that story here.

Magic Head Coach Stan Van Gundy and Center Dwight Howard met to discuss the fouls that been called on Dwight Howard in this series.

"Stan Van Gundy ordered C Dwight Howard to review videotape with him of some of the fouls he received on Saturday, and the Magic coach wants Howard to make adjustments.His playing time limited all series by foul trouble, Howard told the Sentinel after Saturday’s game against the Bobcats that he did not watch tape of calls made against him. Howard might have been slightly exaggerating, Van Gundy said.But Van Gundy said, rather abruptly, immediately after Sunday’s practice, “[Howard] will this time. We’ll either do it this afternoon or tomorrow morning. At times, [assistant coach] Patrick [Ewing] has him watch film. I’m just telling him for sure, he will before Game 4.”Howard met with Van Gundy in the visitors’ dressing room, where they spent about 15 minutes poring over the tape. When asked about the meeting, Howard said, “It’s top secret — we can’t tell you guys. It’s a top-secret meeting. Coach told me not to say anything."

You can find that story here.

Sebastian Pruiti takes a look back at Stephen Jackson’s missed 3-pointer on Saturday afternoon here.

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