The Magic Were Not Happy About Sunday’s Loss (Postgame Quotes)


When Magic Head Coach Stan Van Gundy got to the podium after the game to address the media, he looked frustrated and offered his thoughts on why the Magic lost.

"“We weren’t very good at anything today. We didn’t rebound. We didn’t take care of the ball. We didn’t shoot well. We didn’t defend. We just weren’t very good at anything.”"

Losing to a playoff team at home that you’ve already defeated three times shouldn’t be classified as a “bad loss.” Sure, the Bobcats were without All-Star Forward Gerald Wallace and you’d figure that would more than make up for the absence of Matt Barnes, who missed the game with a sprained toe, but the Magic played the previous day and didn’t arrive back in Orlando until after 3 o’clock in the morning. Plus, the game was at 6:00 pm EST rather than the usual 7:00 pm EST.

Still, Van Gundy refused to use this as an excuse.

"“I don’t know about that. We just didn’t play well.”"

Van Gundy also addressed the recent struggles of Rashard Lewis.

"“We went thought it with Vince in January and now Rashard, you know is just not playing well at all right now. You know, it’s not just the shooting, I mean he’s not rebounding the ball, he’s just not playing with much energy, I don’t know.”"

Van Gundy also said that he didn’t think Lewis was sacrificing his shot for the good of the team.

"“It’s not a matter of that. He’s not making the shots he’s taking. He’s turning the ball over, he’s just not playing well. It’s not a matter of anything else, he’s just not playing well. And, you know, I have confidence he’ll bounce back but right now he’s just not playing well.”"

J.J. Redick mirrored his coach in the locker room.

"“Our defense wasn’t very good at times. Our offense was even worse. Can’t really win when that happens.”"

Rashard Lewis said that he was not frustrated and he didn’t show any signs of frustration.

"“I’m not frustrated at all…This is my 12th year in the league. There’s been times when I’ve got frustrated over shots and wanted the ball, but I wasn’t on a good team. This time, I’m a veteran. All that matters is winning. I’m on a good a team, a playoff team, a team that’s competing for a championship. Sometimes you’ve got to know how to play your role and sometimes you’ve got to sacrifice.”"

Vine Carter offered Lewis some advice.

"“I just tell him to keep playing. He’s a proven player that’s done a lot for us and hits big shots so I’m not really worried about him. With him in the game, they still have to cover him because of what he’s done in his career and this year.”"

Carter made no excuses for losing.

"“We should have won the game.”"

Later, he explained it a little better.

"“We got back in the game and gave ourselves a chance to win but we didn’t make shots and they got rebounds. They had a lot of easy baskets early on and that was key, giving them confidence. It’s tough playing catch-up.”"

Dwight Howard was not too upset and tried to have fun as he always does. Before he addressed the media, Howard got into a discussion about softball and’s John Denton offered him some “tips.”

Dwight Howard wouldn’t use fatigue as an excuse but admitted that it does play a factor.

"“You don’t ever want to use fatigue as an excuse. We’re NBA players, we train extremely hard to do our jobs. We were a little tired and they capitalized on it tonight. They ran, did a lot of good things and moved the ball well. They played inside-out, got to the basket, kicked it out for the shooters.”"

Howard also offered some thoughts on the Bobcats, a potential first round opponent for the Magic.

"“They’re a good team. They’ve got some great guards. Stephen Jackson’s a great scorer. They have a good coach and a well-rounded team. They have a good shot-blocker in Theo Ratliff, somebody who can control the paint. That’s a great big to have on your team, he’s always talking, always being there for those guys. And when they get Gerald Wallace back, they’re an even tougher team.”"

Howard offered the perfect response when he was asked about becoming Orlando’s second all-time leading scorer.

"“I want to be here when the club wins it’s first championship. That’s my goal.”"

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