Orlando Magic News & Notes: Dwight’s Techs, Happy Birthday To Adonal Foyle and Matt Barnes


Matt Barnes had some interesting things to say about Kobe Bryant.

"“Yeah I heard about that this morning,” Barnes said of Odom’s comments. “I’m not going to sit up here and get into a name-calling battle with someone. the lakers are where we want to be. If that’s what you do when you’re at the top, that’s what you do. Talk [expletive]. Don’t matter, we’re just trying to get there. They got the ring. We’re going to be there at the end.”None of this was about disrespecting Bryant’s game, of course. Barnes stressed that despite this Bryant scored 34 point and nearly won the game for the Lakers. Barnes said Kobe is the best player in the world, better than LeBron James.“Best player in the world,” Barnes said. “Kobe’s a killer. He’s got that killer instinct. You see him last night, if his foot wasn’t on the line, it could’ve been a different game. I was on him both those threes. He’s got that killer instinct. He’s got four rings. He’s the best player. I wasn’t trying to get in his head at all. Just you’re not going to throw elbows at me.”"

Tania Ganguli has that story here.

You can read more quotes from after the game Sunday afternoon here.

Will Matt Barnes return next season?

"Barnes signed a two-year deal with the Orlando Magic last offseason, but he has an option to leave as a free agent after the season.Asked by the Sentinel on Monday what he hoped the Magic would do, he said, “I hope give me a multiyear offer.“I’m in my eighth year now, and I’ve had an amazing, up-and-down, roller-coaster career up to this point. Hopefully, the team, the organization and the city likes what I bring. Hopefully, we can make something happen.”"

Brian Schmitz has that story here.

The Magic will play host to the Los Angeles Clippers Tuesday night and you can read about that game here.

Dwight Howard has one less technical foul than the Magic originally thought.

"Howard picked up a tech in Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers, but as we know now, it turned out to be his 13th, not his 14th. So, Howard can compile two more techs over the Magic’s 18 remaining regular-season games without receiving a suspension."

Josh Robbins has more on that here.

Howard has also updated his blog, talking about Sunday’s win.

"Since I’m a dog lover, I’ll break it down for you this way: You had a team of pit bulls (us) and a team of cane corsos (da Lakers), and that’s what happens in a game like that. It gets nasty with claws flying and dudes biting and scratching and scrapping. We’re the pit bulls cause pit bulls are a little shorter and cane corsos are a little taller. But hey, we kept scrapping and we got the job done.Plus, we had heard some yapping from the Lakers that we were considered “puppy dogs,’’ so that gave us a little more motivation. We had to show them that we had the fight and the bite of an alpha dog.I’ve got to give it up to my man Matt Barnes, who fought Kobe Bryant tooth and nail all afternoon. We don’t win that game without him getting into Kobe and keeping the pressure on him all day. He was contesting shots, fighting for rebounds and he made that huuuuuuuuuuge 3 late in the game to put us up by six points."

You can read his blog here.

It is the birthday of both Adonal Foyle and Matt Barnes and HTD would like to wish them a very happy birthday.

Speaking of Foyle, he would like to continue playing past this season.

"“I’ve been very fortunate to be around this game for as long as I have,” said Foyle, who is celebrating his 35th birthday today. “It’s been fun. I really enjoy it and I still do. I still do.“I’m not giving it up,” he added later.Foyle will be an unrestricted free agent this season.Matt Barnes also is celebrating a birthday today — his 30th.“I don’t feel any different,” Barnes said after the Magic completed their shootaround for tonight’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers. “It’s just I’m 30. So, today would be a good day to get a win.”"

Josh Robbins has that story here.

Kevin Arnovitz of TrueHoop wonders if Orlando’s Tuesday night opponent, the Clippers, are behind the curve.

"The Clippers aren’t ignorant of advanced metrics. Mike Dunleavy made the wise decision to shift Rasual Butler into the starting lineup in part because basic plus-minus data were telling him that was the smart thing to do. Back in October, team executives said they targeted Craig Smith in the off-season because they loved his efficiency numbers. But these observations barely penetrate the surface of the shale. There is so much to be understood, a fact more and more teams are beginning to grasp."

You can find that story here.

Steve Perrin of Clips Nation preview Tuesday night’s game.

"Stretch fours. Rashard Lewis is the prototypical stretch four that always gave Marcus Camby trouble, since he preferred blocking shots to defending the three point arc. We’ll see if Drew Gooden does any better against him."

You can find that here.

SI wonders if Larry Brown could have interest in the Clippers job.

"Brown, according to sources, was concerned that George Postolos, Charlotte’s would-be owner if Jordan’s group hadn’t raised the necessary capital, was prepared to clean house, which meant that Brown would have been out. To preserve his position as an NBA coach, Brown reached out to Clippers owner Donald Sterling to let him know that he is open to returning to L.A."

You can find that story here.

Will R. shares his thoughts in the newest edition of “Diary of a Clippers fan.”

"Look, we Clippers fans are used to losing, injuries and all that, it’s part of our DNA. But even with that said, we at least took some pride in knowing that our team would compete and stay close this year. Sure this season was a foregone conclusion after it became clear Blake Griffin wouldn’t suit up, the Memphis collapse, and later the Marcus Camby/Al Thornton trades, but the sum of our parts still made us expect something other than blowouts."

You can find that here.

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