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Orlando Magic News & Notes: SVG Doesn’t Like The Schedule, Otis Smith Still Likes Bikes


The Orlando Magic will take on the Golden State Warriors Wednesday night. You can read a preview of the game here.

Both Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins will miss the trip for the Warriors.

"Ellis is scheduled to have an MRI on his sore back Monday. He did not accompany the team to Miami, where the Warriors begin a five-game trip Tuesday. Ellis already missed a game last Saturday. His status for the rest of the trip will be determined later Monday or Tuesday.The team says Biedrins, who has a sports hernia, will miss the entire trip. He is schedule to be examined in Philadelphia next Monday by a specialist. He left Saturday’s game against Detroit with the injury and did not return."

You can find that story here.

Jameer Nelson has been playing at a very high level.

"“I think I’m back right now,” Nelson said after scoring 22 points and dishing 10 assists in a rout of Philadelphia on Monday night. “I think I can play better.… attacking, driving, creating problems for other teams looking for my shot or somebody else’s shot, just trying to get everybody involved.“I’d knew it take longer because I’m playing on it [his knee].”This is the place in the story where Dwight Howard reaches for some wood to perform his good-luck knock. He just hopes that Nelson can avoid injuries because “when he’s aggressive, when he’s attacking … we’re a much better team.”"

Brian Schmitz has that story here.

A death has not stopped Otis Smith’s love of bikes.

"“It hasn’t changed my perspective,” Smith said of the accident. “You get away from it all. You’re not attached to a computer or a phone when you’re on a motorcycle. You think more clearly. If I have an issue, by the time I get off the motorcycle, I’ve resolved it.”Smith’s roadmap to another NBA Finals is marked with pit stops throughout the back roads of Florida: Leesburg, Ocala, Gainesville, Clermont. It’s an unconventional business trip, strapping on a leather jacket and cranking up his Road King Classic Harley-Davidson. But it is a road that Smith travels often, seeking clarity, from his responsibilities as general manager of the Magic.Hedo Turkoglu was ditched along the road somewhere in Florida, allowing a hitchhiker from New Jersey — Vince Carter — to find his way home to Central Florida.“I probably had more angst about signing or not resigning Turkoglu,” Smith said. “A lot of sleepless nights. Getting on a bike kind of cleared the air.”"

George Diaz has that story here.

Magic Head Coach Stan Van Gundy is not happy with the schedule.

"Van Gundy wondered aloud why his team would be sent to Philadelphia for a game Monday night (the second game of a back-to-back). … head back to Orlando to play tonight … and then have to leave Thursday to return to the East Coast for a game Friday night in New Jersey.Van Gundy, tongue firmly in cheek, said that “if you had a travel agent, you’d probably” go from Philadelphia to nearby New Jersey and play.“But my man, Matt Winick, he thought it would be better to go home to Florida,” Van Gundy chuckled.Winick is in charge of putting together the schedules for all NBA teams.The answer that Winick usually gives to teams who complain about back-to-backs, bizarre time-zone travel, etc? The schedule depends largely on the availability of the league’s arenas."

You can read that story and other Magic notes here.

Trey Kirby of Ball Don’t Lie takes a look at Dwight Howard’s new Ed Hardy shirt.

"I can imagine the look on people’s faces when they see these. First of all, they’re going to love them, obviously. But then they’re going to try to figure out what these have to do with Dwight Howard. With Los Angeles written all over them, I can’t really explain it either. But I know how excited Dwight is about them, so they must be legit.If you want one of these, you better hurry because I’m going to buy out the whole stock.BDL Rating: One (out of five) Muggsy Bogues, but only because the scale is from one to five."

You can find that story here.

Bruce Jenkins of the San Francisco Chronicle thinks Stephen Curry has a real shot at winning Rookie Of The Year.

"This team is all about Curry now, and rightly so. He’s worth watching just for the brilliant work with his left hand. He occasionally finds himself a split-second behind on the timing of his passes, but there’s no denying his stunning improvement in all phases of the game.Consider the plight of a rookie asked to run an offense designed strictly around the shameless gunning of Ellis and Corey Maggette (now injured, a real break for Curry and fans of a sensible half-court set). A lesser man would have cashed it in by now, the disillusioned victim of shattered confidence, but Curry kept his poise. He sees the floor as well as any rookie in an extremely talented class, and he’ll prove to be an even better pure shooter (in game conditions) than his heralded teammate Anthony Morrow. Curry just knows things, inherently, and that’s a quality that can’t be taught."

It seems like Tyreke Evans of the Sacramento Kings has the award locked up but Curry has been very impressive. You can read that story here.

Dan Savage and Josh Cohen debate who they were would rather take the last shot in a game. Savage defends Rashard Lewis while Cohen sides with Vince Carter.

It all depends on how you look at it. Carter would do a better job of creating his own shot and has hit several game-winners. Rashard Lewis’ clutch shooting over the last two seasons speaks for itself. He’s hit too many big shots with the Magic to not side with him.

You can find those two stories here.

Matt Humphrey takes a look at LeBron James’ number change.

"OK, so forgive the extrapolation, but of the 177 NBA and ABA players to wear jersey No. 6, only one player – Patrick Ewing – wore No. 6 for the Orlando Magic.Hmm … makes you think (or dream, or salivate).In all fairness to Bron Bron, he said earlier this season that he wanted to abandon No. 23 out of respect to NBA legend and UCF shoegateer Michael Jordan.As for the No. 6, that’s LeBron James’ number with Team USA. And regardless of his motivation for the number switch, it’s safe to say that it will be golden for sporting goods stores and the NBA."

You can find that here.

I’ve personally always preferred the Team USA #6 jersey on a different player:

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